Let Me Love You

Rebecca Grace Walsh is a 21 year old girl studying music in college.Her father died when she was15 years old. She has her best friends Niall and Jamie to get her through everything life throws at her. Shes starting to fall in love with her best friend but is confused about their feelings for each other.


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Rebecca Rose Walsh. I'm 21 years old. I live in London with my mum, my twin sister Ashley, my little brother Andrew and his twin sister Alexis. My father died when i was 15, just after my little brother and sister were born. He was a construction worker and he was working on a broken elevator shaft. He leaned over to far and feel 13 stories to his death. A couple years back my grandfather had died. He had owned a very successful business and earned millions of dollars each year. He left the money to my father. Which summed up to be a total of 7.6 trillion dollars. The money hasn't changed my family well except my sister Ashley. Shes snobby and acts like shes all that. I don't act any different then I've always acted. I still have the same best friends I've always had. My best friends are Niall Horan and Jamie Hicks. Niall lives next door to me and Jamie lives across the street from us. Niall is an amazing singer and hes very good at the guitar. Hes been by my side for as long as i can remember. He always knows how to make me laugh when I'm sad and takes my mind of things why stuff gets hard to deal with. I'm not going to lie i'm attracted to Niall, but i would never tell him how i feel. I wouldn't risk messing up our friendship. Anyways, Jamie is like my sister. She is great at guitar but not such a good singer. I can tell her everything and she will listen to every word that comes out of my mouth. Shes a great friend and I couldn't imagine my life without her. We all attend Saint Marys Community College. Niall and I study music while Jamie studies Law. I have a great job at a modeling company where i run a fashion blog and occasionally model. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. Due to my fast metabolism i am skinny and very healthy. I hope you enjoy my life.

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