Real & Dreams

this is a love story about one direction's very own harry styles.
There is alot of drama, music, DRAMA, love, fights, and the 1D boys.

This is my first book so i hope u enjoy it! xx


1. the boring summer


 Alycia's P.O.V.

I'm just a girl with drama in her life. dont know what to do during the are a directioner but not that much becuae you like this guy named harry from this boyband named 1D. You always say that fate will never come to save you.You are part cubian and you need to show that. You have a job that you dont need but it pays great money, You are 5'7 and I'm only 17, you have very curly hair that stops at your neck.You are an only child but you dont feel complete. My parents got a divorce but they have joint custady. You think that because you are not that popular that you need to try diffrent ways to be cool. my thoughts went away as my friend marynel who is 16and has hair that is down to her back but mid waybut wavy. She asked me "if i wanted to have a couple other people up in my house" and i said sure of course. just a couple of weeks ago she didnt like 1D but ever since then she has a crush on harry to, i don't know why she all of a sudden changed her mind. my thought got interupted by her annoying little brother who was 14, Anthony but we call him Tony.

Tony"s P.O.V.

Man can we get any guys up in here i asked alycia and sure enough she said yes. so i went to michels house to get him and his brother, mathew. Damn the werent home well i went back to alycia's house and she looked upset at my sister so i went to go bug her. hey what are you looking so mad about? i asked her she said nothing so i went to my sister to tell her something was up with Alycia.

Marynel's P.O.V.

I was having fun even thou there was only 15of us here. my anyoning brother walks up to me and starts laughing because of me dancing to hispanic music. I gave him a look that states-back off-. he but his hand up saying he surenders. i went back to dancing and closed my eyes next thing i knew i was in the pool. I was getting pissed off and got out of the water to see my brother laughing really hard so i pushed him in the water. as the party continued i dried off and people started leaving around 8. so i decided to leave and my brother being stokerish tagged along trying to hide everytime i looked back.

Alycia's P.O.V.

everyone left . i went to my computer to go to this video chat at and i made a new friend named kristen. she was really nice to give me harrys number and after that i never felt the same EVER again.

(now for the dreams.. this all really did happen)



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