Real & Dreams

this is a love story about one direction's very own harry styles.
There is alot of drama, music, DRAMA, love, fights, and the 1D boys.

This is my first book so i hope u enjoy it! xx


2. keeping it a secret.........

the next morning i woke up thinking that i had a dream about me getting harry"s number last night. I went to my contacts on my iphone 4s with a 1D case on it. then i knew last night wasnt a dream. i was happy as you could not believe. i texted kristen who was 15 with wavy hair down her back and was in the uk and said she was on the x factor with louis.

(this is still real people)

she told me it was 8:pm there so i decided to call him and he didnt answer and asked her if she could tell him to call me. when he called i was getting ready to go to bed when i herd my phone ring from an unknown number. i answered it and it was harry styles.... THE harry styles. he gave me his phone number and i didnt want to go to sleep now but i had to because shool was only 3 weeks away. that night i didnt get any sleep. when i did it was time for me to get up because my dad wanted me to get prepared for schoool and waking up early. i complaned saying that you guys wanted me to get some sleep but youwont let me.

around noon here in florida i went to friend marynels house wich is only to blocks away from mine so i rode my bike there .

when i finally got there she over herd my conversation with harry and she wanted his number really bad but i promised him that i would keep it a secret.. she chased me around her house and when i stopped top catch my breath she tackled me and got my phone and now i feel really bad because we know each others passwords. she got harry's number and started to fangirl about it and called him of couse he didnt answer because its 5 in the morning up there. I'm glad she didnt know that.... well i thought she didnt know.


i cannot believe i got it. i told alycia that its proplably 5 in the morning and her jaw dropped. i gave her a im not stupid yet angry look to her. she said you knew?!


Alycia's P.O.V.

my jaw dropped when she told me then i got a text from harry saying if i knew the girl that called him and i knew i cant lie to him.... but before i made up my mind marynel took my phone and locked the door behind her. i waited about 5 mins before i got my phone back there was alot of textes messages

From harry: do you know a girl named marynel xx

From me: yes harry you are texting her right now

From harry: oh well where is alycia :-( xx

from me: she went to make run a few arrands but told me to text you here i am

from harry: oh ok love xx

from me: hey when are you guys coming back to florida :-)

from harry: well we are on a break but sometimes we record the next album xx

from me: ok well do you think you can come here next week

From harry: i would love to love what day xx

from me saturday is fine

from harry: i will see you loves on sauterday at 8 and the boys are coming too xx

from me: i love you and nobody could take you away from me

after i read all of that i was mad cuz i wasnt making arronds, harry is coming but my dad will kill me and i love harry more than her!!!!!

she saaw i was pissed and was about to do something that i will regret. well she was right... we ended up having a fight rolling around on the floor and pulling at each others hair. when her brother could of stopped it he got the vide tape and recorded it. after we saw him doing it we were fighting with him next.

what will happend will the girls make up? keep fighting?  you choose what happens next!

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