Oblate Spheroid (Social Experiment No. 65)

Eliza Stuart has grown up as the focus of the biggest social experiment in history. There are three people in her life and the whole of existence is between the four walls of her home. Eliza doesn't know of the presence of the outside world, until kidnapped in a whirl of political issues and thrown unwittingly into our world. Even then Eliza must be saved from the dark questions of her own heart in order to find happiness, security and a world in which she can live.



Social Experiment No. 65 - or 'Kestrel', as it was referred to as in the early days of its development - was one of the most serious and revolutionary experiments of its time. When studying for my social psychology degree at University, I would often read articles about it in the science magazines or tune into certain programmes and interviews late at night on the radio. It had a constant presence in the scientific and world of sociology from a very young stage in its goings.


During that time, I never thought about Eliza Stuart herself, and I am sorry to say that not once did another person raise the question of her well-being or happiness: as far as they were concerned, Eliza was growing up in a world of her own; safe, secure and protected. Her world was the world of the biggest experiment ever conducted, 100% controlled and manipulated to be the perfect environment for her and for the studies. She was not aware of the terrible world that was living outside and alongside her world. They could see no reason for her not to be contented with her existence, living in a different universe.


But only she knew the true extent of our universe.

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