The Seven Ages Of A Woman

This is a version of the seven ages of a man but in a females perspective. I did this as part of my school homework when we were learning about Shakespeare, I hope that I will win the competition and aslo that you will enjoy my poem. Enjoy! :)


1. The Seven Ages Of A Woman


The Seven Ages Of A Woman


All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players

They all have their exits and entrances

And one woman in her life plays many parts

Her acts being recalled as the seven ages of a woman

First the baby, gurlgling and drinking milk in the nurses arm

And then the school girl,

With her hand bag and her lively new school dress

As bright as the sun

Skipping to school with her friends

And then the relationships,

This is where the problem starts

Her boyfriend cheating on her for no reason

Then the college life,

Studying all the subjects and revising every day so that she can have a nice career.

Then the career,

Working in her office day to night, sorting out files

Doing her office work in peace and quiet

And finally the day it all ends

Filled with sorrow and tearful moments

Comes the day...

That she finally dies

But atleast she had a lovely life with her family!

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