Pretty little liars - Another story - Aria

It's the normal story, Ali is found dead, Emily is Gay, Hanna fights for the moneys and Spencer is trying to calm down her emotions. But the difference is on Aria's part. Her family is splitted up, not close and full of emptiness. But she always feel home in the arms of her boyfriend, Ezra Fitz, who also is her english teacher. But some day she comes into him, after school and breaking his world dawn, because of a secret.


2. Chapter 2 - Bip bip - you got a text

I told it to the girls too. But not my parents. Yet. But they’re all three (Emily, Hanna and Spencer) pushing me to do it. But then I have to tell them, who the dad is. And… That could be bit complicated, to tell my parents that I have a boyfriend – which they never ever heard of – and now I’m pregnant. And that it is my English teacher. And that, that I’m only 16 doesn’t help on the situation. No. It’s not going to happen. They just want me to get me an abortion, which I am against. So there is only one thing to do; convince Ezra to run away with me. Or I’ll just hide at his place until the baby is here. And maybe a little longer. Maybe I just should say goodbye to my old life, and get a new one, with my one true love, and my three best friends? Maybe that was the right thing to do. But I’d stay home, until I’d got too big to hide it.

 My Treo biped. It was from Ezra.

 ‘I’m quitting my job..’


‘So we can be together. Or, are you getting an abortion?’

‘I’m against that!’

‘Okay.. Are you also against that I’m quitting my job?’

‘No.. But where do we then get some money? I am absolutely not going to tell my parents, what there’s going on!’

‘Uh.. We could move, just the two of us. To Cali maybe? There would maybe be, a possibility that I could find a job there. But maybe we shouldn’t take the move, before I’d got a job.’

‘That sounds awesome! But.. I do not think my parents would like the idea of me, moving out so early..’

‘But.. You say you guys don’t really talk?’

‘Yeah, but that doesn’t change, that I’m their daughter, and they don’t want me to grow up too fast. A child wouldn’t really help me, convince them, that I’m taking it nice and slow.’

‘You’re probably right. Can we meet? Now?’

‘Um.. Yeah, I think so. I’ll be at your apartment in five…’


 I barely made the door, before Ezra opened it for me. “Thanks,” I said with a surprised look on the face. Ezra looked.. Frustrated. I looked at him, while he closed the door and turned around. I just got a glimpse of his face. Fear. Helplessness. Scared. Pain. I just couldn’t stop staring. “Ezra..” I cried. He came over and gave me a huge hug. “We can do this. Right?” He harked a little, but sounded like he meant it. “Yeah..” I cut our hug. “Let’s pretend I haven’t said anything, and just have fun. Just tonight. Please. I really need that,” I looked at him with an asking look. He whispered something, too low for me to hear it. Then he came over to me. He took my arm, and pulled me into him. His lips came closer, until they touched mine.

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