Pretty little liars - Another story - Aria

It's the normal story, Ali is found dead, Emily is Gay, Hanna fights for the moneys and Spencer is trying to calm down her emotions. But the difference is on Aria's part. Her family is splitted up, not close and full of emptiness. But she always feel home in the arms of her boyfriend, Ezra Fitz, who also is her english teacher. But some day she comes into him, after school and breaking his world dawn, because of a secret.


1. Chapter 1 - Down Hill

”Hi...” I’d bite my lip. ”Ms. Montgomery. What can I do for you?” asked my boyfriend. But also my English teacher. We’d kind of had something... I was just about to tell, when I’d remembered, that he didn’t call me Aria, but ‘Ms. Montgomery’ and looked behind me. He was having students... Okaay... Embarrassing! I looked at him again, trying to find something, which excuses that I’d burst in. He looked at my notebook. “Do you need any help, with any homework?” he asked, probably saw my anxious face. “Yeah... Can I just lend this a sec?” I pointed at his pen. “Sure,” I got the pen, opened my notebook, and started writing. Just two small words. When I’d show him, his world fell apart. “Mr. Fitz?” I asked. He was just staring at my notebook. “I come back later...” I took my notebook, and walked out. Quickly I walked to my locker, and tossed my notebook in, and ran toward the bathroom. I’d felt tears on my chin, when I locked myself into the toilet. I waited until the bell rang, to get back to Ezra.

 “Aria!” Ezra mumbled angry at me. “What..?” He looked at me. “You can’t just come and say something like that, in school!” I looked down. “Well... I didn’t really say it. Did I?” Ezra came closer. “I’m... I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be angry with you. It is just. It’s just a lot to handle with. Couldn’t you a least have waited, until later today?” He laid his hand on my shoulder. “Happened is happened... But. I’m sorry if you didn’t wanted to know.” I got away from his arm, and headed toward the door. “Wait, Aria. If I didn’t wanted to know? Of course I want to know! It is, hopefully, also my secret?” He’d cross the room and hugged me from the back. His hands rested on top of mine. Protecting mine, who was protecting our child, inside of me. The words were ‘I’m pregnant.’

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