Long Lost Payne

When Kate was little, she was forcibly taken away from her parents. She can't remember them, yet she can remember she had a brother named Liam. Now she lives with foster parents. In fact this couple is her 13th set of foster parents. Kate is determined to find her long lost family and hopes they will remember her, and take her back.

Liam Payne is a member of One Direction. When he was 6, his 3 year old little sister went missing, and has stayed missing ever since. Liam wants to find her, yet he has to keep suppressing the thought that he is the reason Kate went missing. Ever since the X-Factor Liam had forgotten about Kate, she was just another memory in the back of his head. But on a trip to America, Liam swears that he saw a girl that looked just like his sister. Liam swears that until he can find his sister, his life will never be complete again.


2. Thinking about her

~Liam's POV ~

I woke up to Lou sitting on top of me. "WAKE UP LI LI! YOU PROMISED ME WE WOULD GO SOMEWHERE TODAY!!!!" Lou shouted. I groaned and smack Louis's arm playfully. "Get off." I commanded and Lou got off reluctantly. He walked out of the room to let me get dressed. I sighed, our London house was nice and all but I liked our old house better. Since we only moved in yesterday, all of our stuff was in boxes that were scattered all over the huge house. We were only staying there for about 2 weeks, but it would feel like forever. I looked out the window my room provided me and saw a black van put across the road and out of sight. I sighed again and this time Niall walked into the room. "Hurry up mate, Lou is so excited he is going nuts again." He chuckled to himself. The last time Louis went crazy was on his birthday and a fan sent him a truckload of carrots. Yes, a truckload. I heard screaming from down stairs and assumed Harry and Lou were play fighting again. Niall came over and stood by the window with me. "You're thinking about her again mate aren't you?" I looked at him and he gave me a hug. "I am." He smiled weakly and stated, "It's been 12 years mate." "You would think that she would have come home by now though Niall, you would think 12 years is enough." He patted my back and got up to walk out of the door. "But sometimes that's not enough." Before I could question him on what he meant, Zayn ran into my room and turned around to see me. "Oi, you better get ready soon. Louis found the ketchup again." He turned around to show me his back was covered in ketchup. He then turned around and ran out of the door. Excited shrieks and a chorus of "No Louis!" came from downstairs. I pushed the thought of my long lost sister Kate out of my mind and ran downstairs to help the lads.


P.S. Each chapter is in another person's view so some will be longer than others. Comment below to tell me how it is! Love ya xx - Rylee :)

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