Long Lost Payne

When Kate was little, she was forcibly taken away from her parents. She can't remember them, yet she can remember she had a brother named Liam. Now she lives with foster parents. In fact this couple is her 13th set of foster parents. Kate is determined to find her long lost family and hopes they will remember her, and take her back.

Liam Payne is a member of One Direction. When he was 6, his 3 year old little sister went missing, and has stayed missing ever since. Liam wants to find her, yet he has to keep suppressing the thought that he is the reason Kate went missing. Ever since the X-Factor Liam had forgotten about Kate, she was just another memory in the back of his head. But on a trip to America, Liam swears that he saw a girl that looked just like his sister. Liam swears that until he can find his sister, his life will never be complete again.


1. Just A Memory

~Kate's POV~

I opened up my History notebook and groaned. Like always, I had forgotten to write notes down from class. I shut the notebook and got up from my desk. "Kate! Dinner!" I heard Jason yell. I ran down the stairs and plopped down at my seat at the table. My foster mother Isabelle looked at me and I reluctantly got up and brought the bowl of salad to the table. Jason was setting the table, he was Isabelle and Kevin's son. He was adopted, like me. I sat down ,again, and heard a loud fart. I reached under my butt and pulled out a whoopee cushion. I rolled my eyes at Jason who was snickering at me. "Hey kids. How was school?" My foster father Kevin asked us. "I got a B on my Science test." Jason said. "How about you Kate?" I cringed. If they found out that I had forgotten to write notes again they would be even more mad than the last time they found out I had forgotten. "Um, it was good I guess. I got another A in English and Math." Isabelle was smiling at me as she put the pan of Lasagna on the table. I looked up from the pan of Lasagna to Isabelle. This was weird, Isabelle never cooked. we usually ordered take out or went somewhere. Isabelle and Kevin looked at each other and said, "Kate darling, someone wants to adopt you. For good." My face lit up. It was a dream come true. I have always wanted to be adopted and live in one place. Isabelle and Kevin were my 13th pair of foster parents I've ever had. I'll make a list for you about the others. When I was 3 I was fostered by the Karmen's until I was 5, and then I was fostered by the Gould's until I was 7. The Wang's until I was 9, the Jackson's until I turned 10, the Qeush's until I was 11, the Dodge's until i was 12, and so on. Isabelle and Kevin were my favorite foster parents so far. "I'm not hungry," I said and ran upstairs to chat with my best friend Zak. Zak was the Karmen's son. After I left their care, Zak and I decided to stay connected by phone, then later email, and finally when we were both 12, Skype. Sometimes Zak came and visited me depending where I was staying. I grabbed my purple Mac and logged onto Skype. Luckily for me Zak was on. I sent him a video chat request and he accepted. "Hey Kit Kat whats up?" I giggled and said, "Nothing Zak Attack. You?" he smiled at me ans said, "Somethings up. I haven't seen you this giggly since you moved away from the Dodge's!" "I'm being adopted for real now!" "Oh my god thats awesome Kate! Do you know where?" "Ummm..." I said. I checked my emails and saw a new one from Isabelle. I checked the location and frowned. "Zak. I'm moving to London." Zak frowned. "That's not good news Kit Kat. I can't visit you!" He pouted. I weakly smiled at him and he smiled back. "I'll see you at the airport when you arrive in London!" I smiled. I had forgotten Zak lived in Ireland. He loved visiting me in America because his parents were divorced and he only got to see his dad if he visited me. "Are you going to be okay Zak Attack?" Now it was his turn to smile weakly. "Yeah, I guess." "I promise you and I will visit him someday Zak. I promise." He smiled and waved to me. "Bye Kit Kat. Stay true." "Bye Zak Attack. I promise." I closed out of the chat and sighed. Right now I felt like the evil villain. Because of me Zak was never going to see his dad for a while. I put my Mac on my desk and grabbed my history book. So much I need to know and so little time to do it. I opened up to the History of England chapter in the textbook. If I was going to move there I needed to know something about it at least.

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