The Light from Afar

Here's the first paragraph of a story written up by my uncle! Sorry it's so short but just want to get your opinions (:


1. The First Sighting

DATE: 12 JULY 2012.......TIME:  03.09am GMT...LOCATION :  approaching 9000 Miles  outside Pluto  

The frequency was coming. It had no name as we would understand the meaning of a name, but it was known to its own kind as the First or the Source of its Kind: I suppose our nearest human word to describe its name and purpose is 'Mother'.  

Mother had travelled multiple of trillions of light years, from the early stirrings of the beautiful but lifeless universe, searching for its prey; though to Mother this was not prey but a home: a host: a place which offered hope for the future of its kind. At 03.09am GMT on 12 July 2012 Mother found what it had been searching for over aeons. It was no mistake, the signatures Mother picked up were unmistakable; the interference detected was distinctive, primitive, inert but still ordered in its format; deliberate, precise and was coming from the young single star galaxy; from the third planet from the galaxy's star.

Mother instinctively knew the radio frequency it had picked up were a rudimentary analogue version of itself and could only have emanated from a sentient life form, not of it own kind, but a life form none-the-less; a host: Mother turned towards the galaxy screaming as it knew how;  filling the universe with it silent shout of success;  telling its own kind of the completion of its quest. Mother had at last found 'HOME'.





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