boy gets bullied for what his mum looks like


1. only chapter

once there was a boy who lived in a small village. He lived with his mother, who only had one eye. Everyday his mother would drop him off at the school gates and everyone would stare and laugh at his mother and make fun of the boy. They called his mother a Cyclops. 2 weeks later there was a parents evening and the boy wouldn't let his mother go to it. he began to resent his mother so he grew up having a good education and job. when he was old enough he moved abroad and started a family. he told his wife how he hated his mother. his mother desparatly  tried to get in touch with her son but i was no use. many years later she decided to travel abroad to see her son. when her son opened the door to see his mother he started screaming and shouting how much he hated her. his children came out and said to their grandmother (the boys mum) while laughing ugh who is the horrid looking monster but they said this in a mean horrid way. the mother went back home, and the boy never heard from his mother until 20 years later when she had died. he went back to his dead mothers grave. he found out she had left him a load of money in the will. a few days later a letter was given to him and it said: dear son i know you hate me for all the embbaresment i have caused you. but this is how i lost my eye.when you were young you were in a fatal car crash you father died straight away but you were in an unstable condition. you had lost one of your eyes so i gave up one of my eyes so you could lead a normal life. i always loved you no matter what you said. best wishes, mum. the son dropped the letter on the floor, and realised what he had done. he regrets what he said to his mother for the rest of his life...

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