Only For You

Charlotte Mae was a normal person. She had a best friend Louis Tomlinson since she was 5. When he tried out for XFactor little did she know he wouldnt retern soon. But when he does and confesses his love. What will hapeen love or heartbreak?


1. Introduction

My name is Charlotte Mae. I am 19 years old. I have long dirty blonde wavy hair. I am 5'5. Yes I've noticed I'm short. My best friend is the now famous Louis Tomlinson. But when we met he was just him. It was my first year in kindergarten and I noticed a boy in the corner of the room by himself. So I walked over and everyday after that we were unseperable. When I was 15 and he was 16 he tryed out for XFactor. I knew he would get in he was great. But day turned to week. Week tunred to months. And months turned to years. I missed him and i had something bottled inside me since i was 15. I love him.

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