Who will be the next Alice?

Just a short story from the Vocaloid song "Alice Human Sacrifice".

(All work is fiction, you can't die if you go to wonderland >.>, and all works go to Hatsune Miku and the other Voaloid's :>)

(Also, watch the song first because it'll make more sense)


5. The 4th Alice

A few years later, after the Queen's passing, two siblings were walking through the woods.




They were twins of the heart. A stubborn sister and a wiser brother.



They stopped and saw a blanket, laid out, with food just waiting to be eaten. As they sat down, the sister noticed a red rose, had bloomed next to them. Once all the food was eaten, the siblings fell asleep.



Once the woke up, there was a letter next to them. The brother opened it, and a few cards fell out. All of them had hearts on them. They followed the path, until it turned red at a gate. They opened the gate and wandered through. They came across, dozens of doors. They went through them all, but forgot were they origanally started. Soon, they were killed by some false notes coming from a tree, with a corpse hanging out of it.


They wander through Wonderland, trying to find the castle they were asked to visit.


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