Who will be the next Alice?

Just a short story from the Vocaloid song "Alice Human Sacrifice".

(All work is fiction, you can't die if you go to wonderland >.>, and all works go to Hatsune Miku and the other Voaloid's :>)

(Also, watch the song first because it'll make more sense)


3. The 2nd Alice

Now the second Alice was a blue humble man of the Diamond. He entered Wonderland, and had a happy life. He sung songs to the Townsfolk about the dear Wonderland, but he sang false notes.



But the Melodies with the false notes made a mad twisted Wonderland, and caused people to hate him. His voice was deadly, as it killed people.



One day, as he was singing, he held a blue rose and sung a song of the rose, until a bullet entered his brain, making his rose turn red with a single drop of blood. The gunman, who had killed the humble singer, had lost his wife to his songs.












Now he travels Wonderland, his red stained corpse still singing these false notes.

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