Who will be the next Alice?

Just a short story from the Vocaloid song "Alice Human Sacrifice".

(All work is fiction, you can't die if you go to wonderland >.>, and all works go to Hatsune Miku and the other Voaloid's :>)

(Also, watch the song first because it'll make more sense)


2. The 1st Alice

The first Alice was a red woman of the spade. She wandered along a little path, a sword at hand. She came across Wonderland and decided to enter the little world. She walked through the gate and killed anything in her way.



A path of blood followed her, everywhere she went. Most of the paths in Wonderland were stained red because of her actions. She wandered further into the woods of Wonderland, until she was captured and accused guilty with sin.



The trees tied her to a tree trunk and it started to swallow her. All that was left was her head, hands and her sword that lies at the tree. If it weren't for the red trails left behind...





No-one would have thought she existed.

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