its about a girls secrets and when she decides to tell the world her secrets


1. my secrets

I'm Maeuve and these are my secrets !

I love animals !

I'm a vegetarian !

I like to sleep with one leg out of the duvet !

I'm dependant !

I'm independent !

I miss my friends !

I want to meet new people but I'm too shy !

I'm insecure !

I wish I could pour my entire being into making others happy !

I've been hurt too many times !

But i think I like someone !

The only problem is he's thousand's of miles away !

I was bulimic !

I've become much healthier !

I don't do drugs !

this is all my secrets  and i have decided to tell you. 

this goes to show you are never to shy or helpless to tell someone something that is a big secret or small secret.

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