My names True Callern. I'm 16 years old. I live in a village called Arenathon. It's an old village, and i've lived here all my life, not that i've had any choice in that. But in the town centre, thats where the palace is. The prince lives here you see, and things are about to get..lets say different.


17. no

The party went on till 1am, and then everyone left. I went up to our room as Samuel finished dismissing guests and I stood on the balcony. Shortly after, I heard him come in, and felt his warm arms wrap around me. 'Come on Princess, lets get inside' he whispered. When we got in, he kissed me, more passionatley but still soft and magical. We fell back onto the bed, still embracing each other when there was a knock at the door. I broke away and sighed, as I got up to see who it was. It was an official with a message. As I read it, I felt my body go numb apart from a searing pain in my chest. I start shaking uncontrollably as I felt my skin go a ghostly white. 'True? Baby? What is it?' I heard Samuel pursuing. I moved my mouth but no sound came out. He took the message from me and read it out.

'The Prince of Arenathon, Samuel Halfacre

Members of Royalty are not permitted to marry a citizen of the village which isn't Royalty. This is against the law, therefore officials will be coming to imprison your new spouse in Denlon. You have 24 hours to warn fellow family or peers. Thank you - Head Leader of Denlon'

So basically, Samuels not allowed to be married to me. There going to take me away and imprison me. I'm going to starve there, i'm going to die. And theres nothing I can do.

The last thing I remember is Samuel quickly catching me as I fell unconscious.

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