My names True Callern. I'm 16 years old. I live in a village called Arenathon. It's an old village, and i've lived here all my life, not that i've had any choice in that. But in the town centre, thats where the palace is. The prince lives here you see, and things are about to get..lets say different.


11. nightmares

We kept this routine up for weeks and weeks and I never got tired of it. But one day, I got home to find something I never ever wanted to face. We got in, and as usual Kye went and put his school things away, and I walked into the kitchen to find my mother. Slumped on the floor, motionless. I lost my breath, and started to panick as I knew what had happened. My mother was dead. My crying turned hysterical and I had no idea what to do, so I ran into the bedroom, picked up Kye and ran out of the house making sure he didn't see our mother. Sure enough when Kye saw the state I was in, he started crying too. I ran up the road, in hysterics, not even knowing what I was doing. I remember screaming, just screaming for someone to come and help us. I remember the stares I got, hearing the faint mumbles of people's concern. I then remember Maisa and Petra running towards me, just before I collapsed to the floor. I felt Kye being gently taken out of my arms by Maisa, as she tried to calmy explain that she would take him to her house so he was safe. Then it was just me and Petra, in the middle of the road, me collapsed in a pile of hysterics, and Petras strong, safe arms wrapped tightly round me, trying to soothe me. I think I managed to choke out why I was crying so much.

When I woke up, I was in Petras bed with his arms tightly round. As I thought of why I was here, I started to cry again. I must have woke Petra because I heard him trying to soothe me. He told me  that Kye had been taken away, to another village. I screamed when he told me this and this brought on another round of hysterics. The officials had taken my mother away, and seeing as there was noone in our house, they are going to burn it. 'But I live there!?' I screamed, as I tried to take it in. After a while, I calmed down, with no energy left in me to keep crying. I just softly wept as Petra stroked my hair. 'True, I need to tell you something' I could barely register what he was saying I was in too much shock. 'I love you True' He whispered. This I registered just fine. My swollen eyes shot open as my weak heart raced. I started crying again, as I realized I didn't love him back, but I couldn't tell him that after all he's done for me. 'Why are you crying?' He asked, worried. 'Because..because I don't love you Petra, and I feel so bad because you've done so much for me and I just repay you with either a screaming session or hysterics' I stuttered out. He started to soothe me again, as I started to get upset again. 'True, I don't expect you to love me back' He laughed a tiny bit. 'After all thats happened to you, i'm sure thats the least of your worries! But I thought I should tell you, just to let you know' He told me. 

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