My names True Callern. I'm 16 years old. I live in a village called Arenathon. It's an old village, and i've lived here all my life, not that i've had any choice in that. But in the town centre, thats where the palace is. The prince lives here you see, and things are about to get..lets say different.


13. news

That's when something in my heart clicked. Fell into place. Thats when I realized that I loved him too. 'I love you too' I said quietly as a perfect smile spread across his lips, and leaned in close to me. 'So is that a yes?You'll stay with me?' He whispered. 'Of course' I replied, before I felt his warm, sweet lips encase mine, you could feel a million sparks flying between us. When we broke away gently, we both smiled as he took my hands and laughed a little bit. It felt like I was actually...happy.

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