My names True Callern. I'm 16 years old. I live in a village called Arenathon. It's an old village, and i've lived here all my life, not that i've had any choice in that. But in the town centre, thats where the palace is. The prince lives here you see, and things are about to get..lets say different.


2. explanation

Here in Arenathon, if you come here you stay. Your not allowed to leave. It's because the officials don't want people visiting us, seeing the disgraceful conditions we live in and go and tell the Leaders. Seeing as the Prince lives here, because he was born here even he can't leave, you would have thought he would have some power over this but he has none. Only the King has power over this, but he lives in the capital, which is called Denlon, where the Leaders also live. Denlon controlls all the villages roughly, but theres a prince in every village which also gives orders and laws. So the prince lives in the centre, in a magnificent palace. And we live on the borders, in wooden houses scraping past meals with barely any food. My mother works and a dressmaker so she gets us some money, but not enough to keep us on regular meals. She got a big tip yesterday, so I was able to get a rabbit, a rare treat for us. My mother works everyday, 8am till 9am and she works very hard. 'Come here, your hairs still in its braid from yesterday!' She said with a laugh, unbraiding it and plaiting it again neatly. Seeing as my mother works all day, I take Kye to school at 9am and then for the rest of the day I make dinner if we have any, so its prepared for the evening. I tidy around the house a bit and if its nice weather I go and sit in the meadow opposite our house, and read my book. Your not meant to go in the meadow, but who's guarding? Supposedly the officials, but i've never once seen them round here. I don't go to school, you finish school at 14 then you can do nothing till your 19. The age when you can start working. I don't really have many friends. I have people I say hi to, or smile at but not a proper friends. Friends aren't really a priority when your living in Arenathon. Prioritys are looking after your family and trying to scrape through without starving to death, or in the sharp winters, freezing to death. I can knit a little bit though, so sometimes if we can afford the luxury of wool, I make a few small blankets. I know I sound like a pathetic, useless girl with all this cooking and knitting but i'd like to think i'm not. I'm a fighter, when I want to do something i'll grit my teeth and do it. I've managed to struggle through the past 3 years looking after myself and my family because my mother was mentally ill and she wasn't capable. But I couldn't let the officials find out because they'd take away my mother and separate me and Kye into other families or if there were no takers, possibly another village. I don't quite know how I managed those past 3 years. We ate meals of grain and oats, lumps on stale bread and water. Sometimes, i'd sneak into next doors backgarden, which was nothing more than a strip of dry, dusty terrain, but it had a pole to tie their goats lead to. The lead was only a piece of ragged, frayed rope but it kept her tied up. If I was brave enough, i'd milk her and bring home milk which I would warm up on the hob or make into cheese. But that was a rarity, seeing as if i'd been caught, I would have been imprisoned.

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