Secret Crush

Harry's childhood friend, Allysen comes to stay with Harry and the boys. Niall tells Harry that he likes her, but Harry feels the same way.


2. Secret Crush

Allysen's POV~ Harry closed and locked the door, "this is my friend Allysen. We've known eachother since we were 6." I smiled and nodded my head. All the boys introduced themselves, when it was Niall's turn he gave me a hug and said "hey I'm Niall! What's your name again?" He had the cutest accent I had ever heard. And when he hugged me he felt so comfortable and warm. I found myself just staring into Niall's eyes blushing, when I was snapped back into reality with "Allysen, her names Allysen." Harry said. "oh, sorry I got distracted." I said and blushed. "yeah, distracted with Niall's eyes." Louis said. All the boys laughed, except Harry. He just looked down at his feet. ~ Niall's POV~ Allysen. Such a beautiful name. I think she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She has the brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. I definitely feel something for Allysen. I just hope she feels something to.
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