Secret Crush

Harry's childhood friend, Allysen comes to stay with Harry and the boys. Niall tells Harry that he likes her, but Harry feels the same way.


1. Secret Crush

Allysen's POV~
I walked outside my house and got into Harry's car. I leaned over and gave Harry a huge hug and said "Harry, I've missed you so much!" "I missed you to. I'm so glad you could come over today and hang out with me and the boys." I buckled up and Harry started driving. I couldn't stop grinning, I was just so excited that Harry's back from tour and I have a break in school. We've known eachother since we were 6. We grew up on the same street in Homeschapel. Of course, I always knew Harry would be famous someday, he was always a great singer and really cute. So we he told me he was auditioning for XFactor I knew he would do great! I'm just so excited he's been really successful. ~ We arrived at Harry's house, and it was huge. Like, gigantic. But I guess it has to be if you live with 4 other boys. I got out of the car and stared at the house in awe. "Harry, this house is amazing! It's huge!" Harry smiled and said, "You have to have a bug house web you live with 4 boys." he started walking up to the front door and I followed him. Harry opened the door and said, "Guys I'm here! With Allysen!" I walked in the door and watched 4 crazy boys run down the hallway to greet me. I've seen plenty of pictures of them before, but they're even more perfect in person. But, I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering to the cute, blonde one. I think his name is Niall.
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