Rated A for awesome

Izzy has been miserable The past month her brother has been driving her crazy.
When five new boys move in next door josh izzy's brother won't stop talking about being friend's with zayn. Things really turn around when she finds out who the five new stewdents are at her school.


2. What's your name?

I got to school the next morning only to see the five boys as our new kids ahhhhh I walked in math and there were two boys sitting on the opposite of me both tall one had brown hair and the other had black hair. I sat down in my seat and took out my books "hi I'm Liam" the one with brown hair said "and I'm zayn were your nabers remember" said the one with black hair they had British accents it was so cool every time they spoke it got me to smile.

"so why we're you late" Liam said happily "my brother josh and his friend jake took all my clothes I'm wering one of his tops now and my moms shorts" I smiled back "nice shirt izzy whered ya get it your brothers room loser" Stacey wisperd over to me.

So I found out that I had math, history, and health with Liam and zayn that means I'm going to have one of the other boys In my class to! It was lunch and Liam,zayn, and I walked over to Harry and the two boys beside him a blonde and a brownish balck haird boy. "hi I'm niall and Louis" he jumped so far out from his seat I almost fell back "carrots" Louis said shaking my hand "I like your accents there really nice" I sat down and started to eat Niall had more food than me and he swallowd it in less than a second. "hey izzy come sit with us not these guys" jake said "that's my brothers friend I told u about Liam guys don't ever listen to him" I was annoyd now jake got up and sat beside me "come on go sit with the cool guys like your brother is" "then why would I move if u want me to sit with the cool guys" I looked at him smiling "come on you sat with us every other day" he walked over to zayn "dude come your cool" he looked at him I got up and brought my stuff zayn did to I sat beside josh zayn beside me.

"jake I forgot my phone I'll be back" I got up and walked over to the guys "ok dont do what I did if he trys that on you and he isnt your problem the fact that my brother is his best friend proves it just watch out for the other Louis ok he is mean" I grabbed my phone and walked back to josh and wisperd in his ear "nice friend ya got there"
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