Rated A for awesome

Izzy has been miserable The past month her brother has been driving her crazy.
When five new boys move in next door josh izzy's brother won't stop talking about being friend's with zayn. Things really turn around when she finds out who the five new stewdents are at her school.


1. Up all night

So we had new very annoying loud nabers Ugh I hated when these guys had party's the music was so Loud and they were dancing I got out of bed put my uggs on and I got dresed and walked up stares and knocked on there door a tall curly haired boy opend the door "shut it" I yelled at him he turnd around and yelled something the music got turnd down and he looked at me "hey I'm Harry" he smiled "look it's 3:30 shut the music of ahhhhh I can never get any rest between jake and you guys" I yelled at him again this time he opend the door wider there were only five boys "how in the heak does five boys make that much noise?!?!" I looked at hi
"were sorry were going to bed no" Harry said he had a look of fear on his face so did the other boys "look I'm sorry I yelled I'm having a bad day ok here I'll make it up to you I'll let u play what ever for a week Harry smiled and I walked away.
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