Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


9. Yea, We had fun...

It came to my last night there, so we all just stayed in the pent house drinking, and playing poker. Even Liam was drinking, and he said it was fine for this night since it was my last. We all went out to the pool terrace. We did childish, but fun things like chicken, water polo, and volleyball. Every round in chicken me a Niall won, and Zayn and Harry always came last. It was so fun, but after a while everything got a little bit hazzey to me. All I remember was Eleanor and Louis cracking jokes non stop and mixing more alcoholic beverages... I guess that explains me loosing most of my memory. Oh, I also remebered Niall falling down so much and tripping over his own feet, now that was funny! I guess I fell asleep because I went to a dream-like world. I was in a exotic colorful place, it kinda reminded me of the Lisa Frank coloring books I use to have when I was little. I was surfing in the bright ocean. I remember being able to see and smell the ocean and sand, unlike most dreams. This dream was short and skipped ahead to just random things... Or atleast that's what I remember... But after I woke up, I felt the hot sun hitting me face through the window, it took a couple seconds too get my eyes use to the light. I felt something around my waist, it was a arm. I turned to see Niall's face. He look so adorable when he was sleeping. I lifted up his arm slowly and walked to the bathroom. Before I stepped in the shower I looked in the mirror trying to look for the 'tired' showing on my face. But the first thing I noticed wasn't my face, it was the fact I had nothing on. I searched the floor to make sure I didn't just take of my clothes for a shower and forget. Yet there was nothing there. I looked out the bathroom door and noticed Niall was still sleeping, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body and started searching for evidence around my room, I don't know what kind of evidence... Just anything to explain what happened. I started to think that what if me and Niall, you know 'did it', I know it's childish but I started to worry. I walked over too the bed and lifted up the covers slowly to find Niall naked it to. I dropped them in fear and then shook him to wake up. "Niall, Niall" I said in a loud whisper. He turned to face me and smiled. "What happened last night?" I asked him worried "Did we" I hesitated. "do it?" I said with a worry in my words. He looked down at himself under the covers and then looked at me for two seconds then got up really fast. He started looking through the trash can. "What are you looking for?" I asked him. He turned around, "Protection, what happens if we didn't have it.." he said. He kicked the trash can and put his hands on his head and walked over to the door. I taped his shoulder to try to get him to calm down. "Not now (y/n)!" he yelled at me. "This could ruin my career if you get pregnant, I need time to think!" he added. I felt hurt inside. I broke out the courage to say "Your going to blame me when we're both responsible?! You know what if I am pregnant you dont have to worry, because we're through!" I yelled. I turned around let the tears roll down my cheeks as I paced quickly to the door that lead into my room until I felt someone grab my shoulder. Niall turned me around "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean it" he looked at me heart broken. "You did and it's okay, now I know how you really feel" I said. I tried to turn around again but he pulled me in for a hug, "I'm sorry babe, I love you so much, please don't go" at this point I felt his tears roll down my back. He pulled away and said "I really do love you (y/n), I want to spend the rest of my life with you." he was still crying and I wanted to make it better. I kissed him shortly and pulled away. "I leave today, we need more time to figure this out.." I said
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