Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


6. The Night Out

That morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast I went down stairs to a fruit salad and Liams chocolate chip pancakes. After we finished breakfast Harry ha asked tha Lads what they wanted to do today, "I think we should go to the new amusement park!" Louis shouted ,"But I don't like roller coasters..." Zayn added. "I think we should go to a night club, I haven't partied in two days..." Harry suggested. "Actually that does sound fun, but what are we gonna do durring the day, we can't go to a NIGHT club MORNING..." Liam added, "Why don't you guys call Dani,
Elle and Pe... Nevermind, but you guys should invite them to go paintballing or go-carting..." Niall suggested, Zayn looked at him sharply he was taking his and Perries brake up really hard... "Zayn, you need to start living, forget about her, you can have any girl you want! Get one who will love you for you and not the fame..." Niall patted him on the shoulder, I like when Niall stated that the Lads could obviously have any girl they want and how Niall was lately focusing on me... I was happy, lucky, how did I end up in the best situation that could ever happen. "Okay, I'll go but are you sure Dani and Ele are in to paintball? They might go to club but not paintball..." Zayn added. Louis and Liam laughed in the 'of course not'. The lads looke at me "What about you (y/n)?" Louis asked. "Uh, yea, sure..." I smiled. "Then it's settled, we should probably all get ready then..." Harry suggested. We all got ready, I put on a pair of Nike Laytex short shorts (they were from volleyball last year) and I through on a green fitted tee, I through on my old toms and braided my hair. Finally we were on our way to the arena, I sat next to Niall on the ride there. Liam was in the front seat, Harry driving, Louis & Zayn sitting in the back seat and me and Niall sitting right behind them. This was a really nice car. Me and Niall were really close in the car he kept setting his nose on the top of my ear and breathing in to it, it sent chills down my spine. When we pulled in to the parking lot of the arena all the lads jumped out and I came out last. Harry locked the car and we ran as fast as we could into the arena, just invade anybody driving by would notice its one direction. As we got in we put on our gear and headed in the 'play zone' they had rented out, and for five people it was HUGE. "Got ya!" and Irish accent yelled towards me. I scoped my surrounding till I saw sandy blonde hair behind one of the defense forts. "Your gonna get it Horan!" I shouted. I ended up loosing the game, and they kept making fun of me, then again that was my first time paintballing... I couldn't really be THAT bad as a beginner. We got to the flat and I took a shower and threw on my black tight many skirt with my longer type of off. The shoulder loose shirt and added a vintage owl neckalace to finish it off. I curled my hair and put on a thick layer of mascar, too eyeliner, light sparkly eyeshadow and a light red cherry lipgloss. I walked down after grabbing my wallet and shutting the door behind me. "Ready?" Liam asked as the lads, Dani, and Ele stood up. I replied "yep!" with a smile. "It's very nice to meet you (y/n)" Eleanor said while we got into to the car. "You to" I said thankfull. Danielle was the only one I met before this week, she visited with Liam sometimes and my parents really liked her. When we got into the club we all had a few drinks, well Liam didn't know, because Dani slipped me a few and pretended it was soda. Eleanor asked me to go to the bathroom with her, when we got in there the first thing she said was "how is your crush on Niall going?" she laughed while fixing her hair. "How do you know I like him?" I said curious. Ele laughed, "You guys would make a good pear, Haha like the fruit!" I think the alcohol was getting to her which was quite funny. We walked out o the bathroom and got lost in the crowd again. I started getting a little bit tipsy and started dancing and braking out of my 'shell'. Somebody had put there arms around my waist, I turned around slowly to see Harry, I ignored it. If Niall saw I would be able to play it off easy like I was totally drunk (even though I wasn't). I started grinding up and down Harry, I know it was wrong but at the moment I just didn't want to stop. This night had been so fun, I hadn't really talked to Niall so much though, so I decided to go look for him. I saw him at the bar... Alone? I sat next to him and he said "Nice to see you again" while slurring... He was really wasted and it was really funny! He started telling me about his crush on his best band mates little sister then he said 'her' name and it was mine. I guess he didn't realize he was talking to me which I though was cute. I started blushing like crazy, he said innapropriate stuff to but I kinda took it as a compliment... I mean this is Niall Horan from One Direction talking about me...
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