Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


3. That Night

I guess me and Niall ended up falling asleep because the movie was at the annoying point to where if you don't turn it off it goes to main menu and plays the theme song over and over again. I looked up and saw Niall asleep, I slowly lifted his arm from around my neck and got up to check my phone. Nine miss calls! All of them were from Liam, I called him back and he answered. "(y/n) why didn't you answer your phone?!" Liam said In a more raised voice than usual. I thought quick, "I'm so sorry, I forgot I put my phone on silent, I must've not heard it, is there anyway you could forgive me?" I said in a 'I'm so sorry voice' "Yes, you could come down here and grab my membership ID from off the counter, otherwise I'm stuck in the lobby," he said with a slight of annoyance "Sure thing brother, be down in a minute" I hung up the phone and grab his membership ID, as I looked over my shoulder I noticed Niall was asleep still, then I remebered that If my brother even found out Niall put his arm around me he would be pissed so, I ran over to him. "Niall, Niall, wakeup!" I said loudly "What?" he said while rubbig his eyes. "Liam can't know what happened durring the movie, I know we just kinda I guess snuggled, but if even knows you put your arm around me he will be pissed" I exclaimed "(y/n) it's fine, don't worry it's not a big deal and I've got it all under control" he said calmly while touching my arm. Since he seamed to know what he was doing I walked back towards the elevator and greeted Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. "Finally, you made your way down here, they all walked in with atleast two bags of groceries each I pushed the elevator assistant pushed the button after verifying Liam's ID and handing back to me.
When we reached the room the elevator doors slid open and we walked in, well I walked the boys rushed to the counter to set down the groceries. Niall sprang up from the sofa and ran to the kitchen looking for some food. "Not so fast Niall, why didn't you answer your phone, we had to wait in the lobby for fifteen minutes!" Liam said "well for the phone, I fell alseep durring a movie I watched, and second, why were you stuck in the lobby?" he replied "We forgot, our room ID's" Liam answered. Niall chuckled a bit and then waited till the boys were all turned around stuffing the food in then fridge and then winked at me using the 'told you I had it under control' wink. I smiled and laughed. The lads turned around "Whats so funny?" Louis asked "Nothing," I said in a fake clueless tone and turned towards Niall and bit my lip. Louis and Zayn shrugged and continued stuffing the fridge with food.
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