Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


4. Our Secret

As the night carried on, me, my brother ,and the rest of the lads got extremely bored. "What do guys wanna do?" Zayn questioned. "I got an idea.." Harry said while looking at me very seductivly and biting his lip, which was one thing that turned me on about Harry. "Whats your idea?" I decided to ask Harry. This time he looked both directions and slowly said "Truth Or Dare?". Louis agreed while saying "Yea, please it's my favorite!" he begged towards Liam I guess it's because they consider my brother as 'daddy directioner'. "Okay, we can play..." Liam replied. "Yes!" louis said excitedly. The dares were pretty boring, I had to chase my brother with a spoon which was actually really fun, but there was one where I had to eat a carrot in front of Louis
( which I thought was stupid) and then I had to get food for Niall. All the lads fell asleep on the sofa so I just walked up stairs and remebered my amazing day and veered off to sleep.
-dream- I was walking in a very large and lovely garden, I was wearing a flowy white dress ,and my hair was curly. I really couldn't control my dream though, I never can. For some reason I walked through these little gate ways, and the season would change. It wasn't like most my dreams, there was so much peace and serenity here...
It was absolutely stunning.
I woke up, but smiling. I wish I could stay in the dream forever. My smile eventually faded as thunder grew louder and stronger. I struggled to fall back asleep as the thunder grew louder and my mind raced. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around quickly to see my brother Liam standing there with two cups of hot tea. "Couldn't sleep?" he asked me, as he handed me the tea. "No, the storm kept me up.." I replied, "Me to, I heard you whimpering from my room and thought a nice hot cup of hot tea would make you feel better" he smiled. 'whimpering? When was I whimpering' I thought to myself, I ignored it, sip my tea, and hugged Liam a good night hug.
After Liam left I started to hear whimpering to, but this wasn't me. I know all of our rooms had rembered all the rooms had a door into the other. The noise came from the room right next to mine, they had a bad dream I guess. I got up slowly and pushed the door slightly open and peeked in, I figured out that the whimpering was not a bad dream, which was probably awkward for him when I walked in. I was trying to figure out who he was "Come in..." a cute Irish accent was all I heard. My room was next to Nialls! I walked in slowly to his room and sat on the bed next to him, he was smiling. He looked at me, he was still whimpering. I pretended to not know what he was doing, but it's liked he wanted it to be obvious. "Are you okay? Is the storm scaring you?" my words trembled, I looked down and it actually turned me on when he whimpered. He gave me a cheeky smile and replied "Yea, I think I need hug". He took his hands out of his pants... I pretended not to notice and he gave me a large hug. He pulled away and I looked in his eyes they were stunning, I enterupted because I knew there might of been a chance he would kiss me, but I nevered kissed boy yet. Even though I was eighteen and never kissed a boy, I wanted to so bad, but what if I did it wrong? "Uhm Niall, I should probably head back to my room..." I said while looking in his eyes. His eyes seemed saddened, but I didn't want my kissing to disappoint him. He probably thought that I didn't like him since I got up to leave, so I flirted with him to make him feel better. "Niall, your eyes are extremely lovely" I said. I know I'm not the best at flirting but he did smile and me and grabbed my hand before they got out of his reach and he kissed it and added "As are yours, (y/n)". I blushed, smiled , then walked away.
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