Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


8. Only Two More Days

I couldn't believe what happened, Niall Horan fell in love with me. I started to smile like an idiot at the thought."What are you doing?" Liam laughed, "nothing" I smiled. He shrugged and continued talking to the lads, the lion king had already ended and the lads were in the kitchen eating food. "I really like your neckalace!" Danielle said to me, I was wearing my dream catcher neckalace. "Thanks!" I relplied. "How are my to favorite girls getting along?" Liam came up from behind the sofa an hugged us really tight, I felt as if my face looked like a chipmunk. I laughed "how is my older brother and his best lads doing?" I responded. Liam smiled and walked back in the kitchen, Danielle followed. I was sitting alone on the sofa and eventually got up and sat at the counter snacking on random food. We heard a heard a knock at the door. "Don't they need to ring the doorbell from downstairs so we can come down and let them in?" Harry asked Zayn. "I thought so..." Zayn replied confused. "I'll get it!" Louis ran over to the door and look out the little seek hole. He mouthed "It's Paul...". Danielle grabbed my hand and Eleanor followed as we went down to the wash room of the flat. "Whats going on?" I asked Eleanor. "Shh, we have to be more quiet..." she relplied. "Were not allowed to hang out with the boys at the flat, anywhere else but not here..." she looked at me. These 'rules' seemed kinda strict, I was only Liam's sister. I'm pretty sure I was allowed to be up there, Ele and Dani probably wasnt thinking in the moment. Eleanor walked over and took a monopoly board off the game shelf in the wash room. "Wanna play?" She asked. "Uhm, sure" I said while looking at Dani while shrugging baecause I'm pretty sure she didn't like monopoly. Dani mumbled and said "Okay, but only one game, because I know how much you LOVE monopoly..." she laughed. I chose the dog as alway, we rolled to see who goes first and started playing. After a few free parkings, buying properties, and going to 'jail' we got half way through the game and and the light went off... Something open the door and and yelled "Boo!" we all screamed... Till Harry and Louis turned on the light and started laughing. Niall walked in behind them and said "Paul is gone, you can come up now. "Where's Liam and Zayn?" Dani asked. "There up stairs playing a video game," Harry answered. Liam wasn't a big fan of video games, I guess he started trying new things with the lads, I wish I could stay longer to visit my brother, but I only have two more days...
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