Life As Liam's Little Sister

This is a story about if you were the you get sibling of Liam Payne and the affect it takes I your life :) first time fan Fic writer... So sorry if its not
So good


2. First Day

We finally arrived and got into the flat. " Liam, what ya upta Lad?" Niall said while the boys waved. I knew I was blushing, this was my favorite band and I didn't really talk to guys so much so I was supper nervous. "Hey Lads, this is my little sister (y/n)" Liam stated, I waved with an awkward expression plastered on my face. Harry walked over to me and kissed my hand while adding "it's a pleasure, (y/n)" I didn't like Harry as much as Niall but at that moment I totally blushed and felt flattered. "Do you need someone to escort you to your room?" Harry said with a extremely and seductive cheaky smile. "Yes, she does Harold and that would be me" Liam reminded him in that 'don't flirt with my younger sister' kinda tone. I couldn't stop blushing, I was
glad that Liam didn't notice otherwise he would never let me see the boys again. "Here it is, (y/n)" Liam had opened my door and put down my luggage and gestured me to walk in. "Wow, this is amazing, thanks for letting me stay for a week!" I gave him a huge hug. "I love you brother, thanks again so much!" I Was so astonished by the lovely giant room, "Love you too sis, now get your bags unpacked and settle in" Liam said as he walked out and shut the door behind him. I unpacked all of my things and stuffed them in a dresser in my walk - in closet. 'Why can't I actually live here' I thought.
I walked into my bathroom and decided to take a shower, the bathroom itself was bigger than my room at home. After I got out I wrapped a towel around me and walked into my closet. I decided to dress comfy so I though on a cute slimming yellow tee with my fuzzy white multicolor polka dot short and through my hair in a messy bun. I walked over to the makeup table and put on a small coat of mascara and some peach lipgloss. Before heading out of my room door I grabbed my fuzzy slippers and one of my books and headed down stairs.
By the time I got halfway down the stairs I noticed niall was sitting on the coach, alone. "Where the rest of the lads go?" I asked while startling Niall "(y/n) you scared me, and they went grocery shopping.." he replied. "Oh, so why didn't you go with them" I questioned as he chuckled a response as "I apparently buy too much food" , I laughed at his response to. "Uhm, Mind if I join you?" I hesitated to ask, "Not at all," he smiled.
I sat next to him on the white sofa, "Would you like to watch a movie?" he asked me, his eyes were so perfect, "Uh yeah, what do you guise have?" I replied while looking away from his eyes because I got so lost into them. He pulled out a stack of Disney movies (which I actually happened to love), "Do you have finding Nemo?" that was my all time favorite Disney movie. He looked up and smiled "Right here". After he had put the movie in he sat back on the sofa, but this time closer to me. Mid movie he had put his arm around me and I started laying against his side. When it got to the part where the pelicans kept repeating 'mine' Niall was chuckling, which was the cutest thing ever! Then I started to rethink the fact that I (y/n) (y/l/n) was laying in Niall Horans arms watching Finding Nemo!
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