This story is full of mystery... magic.. vampires werewolves.. and all such things.. which you would never have heard of.. nor seen even in your dreams.. hold your breath before you has little romance too.. but more you read more you know . how many tings are unseen to our human eyes..and yes a lot humorous


5. oooh!!! Margarette..


She opened her eyes and found herself in her old room.She got ready for school, she pulled on a blue shorts and a black tank top and went downstairs searching for her mom and then remembered that they had left her alone and there is no need to call them parents anymore. She loved them a lot and thought that they loved her too... but maybe they were acting.

she went to kitchen and took out a bottle of blood from the fridge and started to drink it. the cold blood went down through her throat making her feel good. the turned to the door and found Eric standing before her. She gasped and moved 2 steps backward.

" where were you.?"she asked going to the living room..

" i went to sleep...!!" he said following her

"where?" she said sitting on the black leather couch of the living room and turning on the tv

"the branch outside your room.." he said sitting on the couch next to hers.. she looked at him and stared

" are you a monkey or something to sleep on a tree...if you told me i would have given you the guest room"

"but i love sleeping outside .. and i changed into a cat..not a monkey" he said looking at the TV.

she rolled her eyes and stater to surf the channels and stopped at the national geographic channel where there was a hunting scene of a polar bear..

" i wonder how much flesh do that polar bear has??" he exclaimed staring at the running polar bear... she stared at him inn disbelief that someone could even think like that.."Vampires!!"  

"what??" he said making a silly expression.. She nodded in disagreement and continued to watch the hunting bear...after some time Erik woke her up..she looked at the clock and found that it was 11 am.

"What??" she asked clearing her eyes..

"we have to meet your friends..or else they Will think that you went missing..!!" he said giving her a bottle of blood.. she took the bottle and began

"so... we will meet my friends.??" He nodded in agreemeant. She took a sip from the bottle and stated again." what difference will that make.. you don't even sparkles in sunlight....i wanted to sparkle..!!"

  "how silly.... i hate twilight because of that.. no vampire can be a ice sculpture..and how can we sparkle??? we have skin not.. glitters... shut up!! get ready.. we gotta go..!!" he sounded angry She obeyed him like a little child and went to her friend Margarette's house.

she was sitting in the living room watching TV with her parents. She opened the door and hugged her tightly and tears began to run through her dark brown eyes.

"Calm down Margarette.." she said

"yeah..i am calm..i am ..!!" she said and wiped her tears.. " i am sorry. Thursday. i shouldn't have let you go alone that way.. i should have been there with you.." and she busted out in teares

" Ooh Margarette you are soo sweet.... but that was not at all your fault..." she said wiping her tears off her olive skin..

she is not as beautiful like her.. Scarlett is the best...she is sexy..And this girl is just okay..we are wasting our time...we should be in a restaurant...drinking fresh blood..

she turned toward the sound which she heard.She had a smile on her face after hearing this..She definitely knew that it was Eric but she never thought that he will say that aloud..

"Did you said something else??" she asked still smiling.. he had an annoyed expression on his face. he was looking on the floor.. she ate the dinner in there to assure her.. she told Margarette that her parents are gone out because of any very important work to be done.. she will be going there on Thursday with her cousin..( Eric) and she came back home and the night went on... with its silence...she knew that she could read Eric's mind.. but she kept it to herself as if she was wrong no one will bother that but she loved what she heard coz no one ever compared her to Margarete...Margarete was considered as the most beautiful girl in the school...she closed her eyes with her thoughts in her mind and fell asleep..

 .........It was soon Wednesday. the sun was bright it was a beautiful day..she met all her friends and had lied to them that she was going to study in California.. and she will miss them and will come back to see them any day..and blah, blah, blah.

Well she will definitely miss them but will never come back to see them again... at least that was what she thought...tomorrow she will be leaving and Alan will be there.. her friends will be waiting at airport to see her off.. she couldn't believe this till now that she was a vampire and she hated twilight.. but twilight is really weird as it has sparkling vampires...

Something hit her head hard.. she screamed ant looked to the direction and found Alan standing there and he threw a beach ball at her

" What was that for?" she asked trying to make her pony tail again..

"Do you know how hard it is to tie a knee length long hair_" she paused and looked again at her hair.. her hair was thick and knee long hair. "how did that happen???" she looked wide eyed at the full length mirror

"the hair growth rate of a vampire is much more than a human.. it grows fast...

"Does that mean that you need a haircut everyday" she asked Alan

"yes but it has an advantage that you can style them everyday....and also that if you went to parlour everyday... the owner will think you are crazy and that's why we need to learn hair cutting and you don't even need to worry because you hair will grow tomorrow..isn't that cool?? he answered searching something in the living room drawer..

" is does that mean that if you are bald a day the next day you will get knee long hair??"

he laughed and continued" no... not like that.. but you will surely get some hair on your head..."

" fine.. so we are leaving tomorrow??"

"yes.. are you nervous??" "she nodded silently.. " don't be.. its just like this place....just the difference is that this place is for humans.. and that place is for vampires..." she smiled and went to take a bottle of blood..when she came back he was still searching for something.. she asked

" What are you searching for in there?" he turned to her and smiled

" Just Sissor's... your hair will be heavy....we cant move fast with that... i know hair cutting.So, i am going to do the job." he continued to search in the living room drawers.

"Don't you know nobody keeps the scissors in the living room. They are in kitchen.I will bring you that" she said calmy and soon she was back with an orange siccors in her hand... she handed it over to him and asked...."so what will you do with my hair now?"

"well....... i will tell you if you tell me that do you trust me?"

"i have seen you only twice in my life and last time i saw you i was half asleep... i dont even remember your name. how can i trust you??"

"well then.." he stood up from the couch and stared her and soon everything went black...

when she opened her eyes and found herself sitting before mirror with shoulder length hair with yellow streaks on it.........

she screamed"AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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