This story is full of mystery... magic.. vampires werewolves.. and all such things.. which you would never have heard of.. nor seen even in your dreams.. hold your breath before you has little romance too.. but more you read more you know . how many tings are unseen to our human eyes..and yes a lot humorous


1. My identity revealed to me


"Opening her eyes slowly, Thursday looks around with much strain. 'Where am I? What happened?' She lies in her hospital bed, confused and weak, as if she had been unconscious for a while now. She ponders these questions, unable to remember anything. As she regains her senses back, a nurse walks in. Touching her head, she asks Thursday if she needs anything. 'Yeah, some answers,' Thursday replies, in pain for an unknown reason, 'Why am I here?' 'You're here,' the nurse replied, changing the bandage on her head, 'because 2 days ago you were brought here by a boy..i think he's your brother."

 "But, I don't have a brother." she says weakly, stunned to find that a stranger brought her here.

The nurse looked at her curiously, then replied, "In that case, I think you should ask the boy about this." As the nurse threw her bandage in the trash, she continued, "I just called him your brother because you two share some resemblance."

The nurse stared at Thursday's head in astonishment. "Amazing!" Startled, Thursday raised her eye brows and asked, "Is there anything wrong?" "No, nothing. I can't even see the marks of the stitches! The wound was there till yesterday evening."

"So, I had a wound on my head?" She asked, just as confused as the nurse is.

In a kind voice, the nurse replied, "Yes, a rather bad one, too. When we scanned your head, you found that your skull was cracked. We were very fearful as to what might happen, but the next day, the cracks had disappeared, and today, the wounds have disappeared. We checked your blood to try to figure out how your body could heal so fast, but there was nothing special in your blood." The nurse looked dismayed after stating the results of the blood tests.

"I will call the doctor, he'll explain more than I have." Stating this, the she left the room.

"How did this happen," Thursday asked herself, "A boy who looks like me?" She closed her eyes and tried to remember what had happened. Then, she remembered everythin"

 The door swung open and in stepped a tall, young, blonde man. As he walked in the room, the nurse followed. He walked over to Thursday's bed and sat in a stool beside her. With a kind smile, he asked, "How are you feeling today, Thursday?"

With a weak smile, she answered, "I'm fine, thanks."

"Good. I am Doctor John Woods, but you can call me what you wish". He smiled and leaned towards her.

"First of all, let me check your head." He stared at her head in astonishment. "Hmmm...very interesting!"

Doctor Woods turned and started whispering to the nurse.

"When can I go home, Mr. Woods?" "Let us scan your head, then if everything checks out, you can go home tomorrow."

"I have called your parents," The nurse said, pleased with how well Thursday has healed, "They will be here soon." After a moment of silence, Thursday asked, "Who was the boy? Where did he go? I want to meet him."

Doctor Woods turned to the nurse and asked, "The boy, is he here?"

"Yes, Doctor, the boy has been sitting outside in the waiting room for the past two days. May I call him for you?"

"Yes," the doctor nodded in agreement, "Call him in here."

As the nurse left to fetch the boy, Doctor Woods looked at Thursday with a smile and said, "Well, looks like there is something special about you, little girl."

In no time at all, the nurse was standing beside Thursday's bed with the boy. There he was, standing right in front of her with midnight black eyes, dark hair, and pale skin. The nurse was right, he looked a lot like her. 

Thursday was amused with the sight of him, but she was still in shock of the resemblance between them. With her eyes wide open, she asked, "Who are you?"

He replied in strong, yet calm, deep voice, "My name is Alex Storm. Are you feeling better?"

Thursday nodded, stunned at how beautiful his voice is. Right then, a nurse ran into the room frantically, "Doctor, Doctor! We're loosing him! His blood pressure is going down at a rapid pace!"

"Get him in the ER asap!" replied the doctor, rushing out of the room, followed by the two nurses, leaving Alex and Thursday all alone.

"Where did you find me?" She asked Alex while trying to pick up the glass of water kept on the table beside her.

"I found you lying on the park sidewalk," He hesitated, "Your head was bleeding tremendously."

"soo?"she asked keeping the glass down

"i took you to the hospital.."he eplied

"i dont htink that i was lying on the groung by was the giant spider.." she nearly yelled at him.

yes they wanted to kil you because you are the princess of darkness" he said keeping his voice calm


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