This story is full of mystery... magic.. vampires werewolves.. and all such things.. which you would never have heard of.. nor seen even in your dreams.. hold your breath before you has little romance too.. but more you read more you know . how many tings are unseen to our human eyes..and yes a lot humorous


3. Knowing about... me?????????


she was discharged from the hospital today.. her parents didn't came to pick her up.. she was very much disappointed.. she took a taxi and went home..She noticed that  for the first time in her life she could see everything too much clearly.. she could hear every single voice around her..she could even hear the sound of breathing of the driver..and a very mouth watering smell which she didn't knew what was it.. when she reached home she found that no one was there..

she looked under the doormat expecting that her parents would have gone out and they would have left the key there..and fortunately she found the keys..and a letter from her parent...

'Dear Thursday,

We are leaving..and if you want to ask anything.. you can ask that to Alex..your real brother.. i am sorry that we have to leave you like this.. but he will come to take you to the vampire world on Thursday..when he told us that he have told You the truth then we didn't have the courage and strength to face you and your questions.. so we decided that we will leave and i know you have a lot of questions.. Alex will answer to them better than us..we were just protectors .. our job was to just take care of  you till you grow up..sorry for this again..and your real name is Scarlett Storm.. I love you so much dear..we have arranged for the food. it's kept in the refrigerator.. you can take it from there...take care.


A silver drop of tear ran through her cheeks.. ...she wiped the tears and opened the door and found everything was the same...except her parents had left her alone in the time when she needed them..she folded the letter again and put it in the back pocket of her blue shorts..she went to her room to check if anything has changed there.the morning sunlight was entering the room...she opened the window of her room to let the fresh air come in.. it seemed like it had been a long time that they had left.She found a big suitcase kept on the bed..she reached for it and found an envelop kept on it again..she took a deep breath and opened the envelop.. 

"a letter again"she said to herself..she opened the letter...

Dear Scarlett..

hope you found your drink kept in the Refrigerator..i have packed your things so that it wont be a problem for you.. you have to leave on Thursday.. as i told you before ..Alex will accompany you to the vampire world....take care my dear..remember that we are not your real parents..


Amanda and John

"Fine.." she opened her wardrobe and found three pairs of dress out.. which would be enough till Thursday she thought to herself..'today is Tuesday that mean i have to go there the day after tomorrow.. then Alex will come..till then i will be alone .....all alone'

and suddenly a voice came out side the window which made her jump" not all alone.. i will be with you.."a male voice declared..she turned to the window to find out where did that voice came from and found a familiar face...he had red hair and dark green eyes...he wore a black worn out jeans and a worn out black tee..and a long black coat ...he smiled at her when she looked at him.. she stared at him like she was observing his features and trying to remember who he was..

" where you the boy who saved me that night from that spider?"she said in a monotone voice..

"yes....but for now..i am just here to accompany you..!!!" he said with a smile and bowed

"who are you?and why did you do that?"she asked leaning back so that he could come in..

" i am Eric.....i came here to protect you..well.. your highness you are princess so i have to do that .." he said coming inside her room

"to protect me from what..???" she said in a powerful voice..

" from the creatures of darkness.. like that homo spider in the park.. they are after you Princess Scarlett"he said bowing his head again

she took a deep breath"..come with me.."she said and this time her voice became soft..

"yes princes_"

"don't call me that i better like Thursday."....she said cutting him off and went down stairs

"Sure.." he followed her to the kitchen

she was thinking..'i hope he can give answers to my questions.. why are they all talking about  darkness.. it cant happen to me.. its all like a movie."

the boy interrupted her thoughts....." because in ancient time we ruled in darkness.."

" sorry?" she asked totally confused..

" well you asked that..???"

" no .. i just though about... hey an you read in movies?"she said in an amused tone..

" really???????...but no.. but amazingly i can hear what you think....." he said thinking something...

"what do you mean???" she asked opening the kitchen door

" Did you do something?"he said as he followed her to the small kitchen

" No.. i just thought that i would ask this to you..?"she said sitting on the chair kept near the breakfast table ..

" i think its your power that you can let a person hear your thoughts.. it maybe a new kind of power.."he said sitting on another chair with a tone of amusement.

"well...leave that topic...can you answer me??i have some questions.. about vampires..."she asked hesitantly

"sure!! why not .." he said with a genuine smile..

she stared at him for sometime and remembered that her mother had kept food for her in the refrigerator.She stood up and went to the refrigerator and opened the door an stood motionless staring at the items kept in it..

"what happened..??" Eric asked looking at her

"well.. isn't it too much red?" she asked him pointing her finger to the refrigerator

there was a big bowl with red liquid in it..ans a lot of transparent water bottles with the same liquid.. and a lot more utensils..........

"what is this.. is that_"

"blood"he said cutting her and taking one bottle from it..

"oh how can they collect that much blood??was there sale for blood??" as he asked looking at him awkwardly drinking bottle of blood like a thirst person drinking water.. or a hungry baby drinking milk

"what??"he asked when he found that she was starring him."i was know i cant even hunt here.>"he replied defending himself..

"do you know how much am i missing my old human food??"she said picking up a bottle of blood and started drinking..

"who said you cant survive on that.. well.. we can even eat human food to survive but we prefer blood more because it gives us a lot More energy than human food and it also tastes good..."he said finished his bottle

"really??"she asked throwing the bottle into trash..

"yes.. or how could i have survived without blood in a place like this from last two years..??" he said while sitting back on the chair

"you are here from two years....and i haven't seen you till that night.."she said in an amused tone

"well..yes.. i am your bodyguard as your human protectors are not enough strong to fight the darkness elemental.."he said trying to make it as clear as possible

"you are my bodyguard?? from last two there would be someone before that too..??right??"she said trying not to sound like an idiot"and that's how you came there at that park at the perfect moment..right."

"yes..but i don't know the man who was before me.. he grew old and so he was retired..i was assigned as the new protector as i was Alex's best friend from last .. well i don't know how many years but i can remember us together from the nursery or even before that.."he said thoughtfully..

"so your looked after me even when i am asleep?"she asked 

"no.. its like shifts..i have the night shift and Alex do the day shift..i sleep all day..and he sleeps at night...well.. it is quiet boring to look at you taking name of different boys...when asleep.."he said with a chuckle

she blushed.. "what do you mean by that??i don't do that"she said defending herself

"well.. jack..i heard that name till last December and before that i heard of Alan..and many other..i know they are not your boyfriends as they think that you are weired..well that is good.. because if they were your brother would have killed them and thrown them in the midnight lake.."

"what is this midnight lake. i don't know this lake..i only know the town lake over here.."she asked trying to change the topic..

"well.. this place has a portal which can directly take us to the vampire world without any spaceship.and it was near that park.. it was called midnight lake as people only came there at midnight.. its wrong to say people it would better to say vampire.. and its also why your human parents kept your name thursday.. you were brought here on thursday at the midnight lake..." he tried to explain

"i thought that vampire world must be somewhere on earth books and movies say so.. but i am an alien??ooh this is really a bad  day for me.."she said dropping her hear on the table..

"no we are not aliens.. you really are weird.. we are result of a failed experiment of a scientist named William P. wanderer.."he said trying to figure out the name 

"William P.Wanderer???"she asked in disbelief

"well actually like in human history you know that on spiritual bases people believe that they are Created by god himself..and scientists believe that humans are evolved from that we believe that we are the off springs of the fallen angel Lucifer it is said that:

God created 3 Archangels (Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer) to administer the government of God throughout the Angelic Realm. Each was perfectly crafted and were allowed to walk among the stones of fire and to enter any reality found among the Infinities.

God gave great power and authority to the three Archangels and they were created to reflect majesty and beauty. The one God created as the being of the greatest light and brilliance was Lucifer. Lucifer pleased God because Lucifer searched the Infinities diligently seeking the jewels of reality. God created all possibilities but until they are observed they are unmanifested. The Angels became Gods instruments of Awareness, peering into the infinite possibilities and manifesting realities. Many beautiful realities did Lucifer bring before the throne of the Eternal. His awareness was sharp and keen and Lucifer found many splendors hidden in the infinite possibilities God had set into motion.

Then came the time when God brought forth the greatest jewel of all. God created the Infinities containing the Physical Realm where the possibility of life existed. Thus began the Game of Angels. For it was in this new and beautiful expanse, we call the heavens, that God had placed a new and wonderful jewel. A world where life was growing and changing. The search for the Jewel of God had begun.

it is also said that when Lucifer was thrown out of heaven he fall in love with a human and had a child.. which was half angel and half survived on the human blood and it even killed his mother for blood but soon it found that he can convert humans and make them like him..he found that he was immortal like his father..but he was weak against light..sunlight and from there the rumor that vampires cant set out in the sunlight..but when the humans were killed in a large amount... they were going in darkness even if they didn't wanted.. like this the story goes oon.."

she was listening his story with her eyes wise open like a little girl listening to story..and silence was there for some time..and she finally spoke" and what about the story found by science..??"she asked

"well.. like humans we don't believe in the story like that now.. we believe what science told us..we were created by mistake made by the scientist." he paused to remember the name"William P. wanderer..he was trying to make humans immortal.. he tried it on a person who wanted to die...he made a mixture and made him drink..when that man drink it he fell and started to scream as it was very painful.. and slowly he changed into a vampire.. his throat was felt happened in 13th or so century..the scientist successfully ran out from the reach of that person.. and kept hidden.. the person was killing the people of his town. he was drinking there blood and left them.. and then at last he ended when he found his own daughter.. he stopped and looked at her.. he loved her so much.. but he had bitten her.. he thought she will die but she became immortal..he decided to find the scientist and beg to take care of his daughter.. but the scientist had created a new specie known as the werewolves to destroy them.. but the problem was that the were equal.. the cant kill. the population.. it was found that both vampire and werewolf DNA get mixed up with the human DNA very easily..



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