This story is full of mystery... magic.. vampires werewolves.. and all such things.. which you would never have heard of.. nor seen even in your dreams.. hold your breath before you has little romance too.. but more you read more you know . how many tings are unseen to our human eyes..and yes a lot humorous


2. Finding out myself


" what does that means?????" she asked in a tensed tone.." that means that you are the princess of the vampire you remember that?.. do you remember anything?" he asked coming closer to her..

" remember about what??"..she asked 

" about you.. haven't those human protectors told something ??? come oon Scarlett i know....everything don't try to hide anything from me..i am you brother.."he said so simply.

" hey wait.. i think you have misunderstood..i am not Scarlett.. i am Thursday Williams.. OK.. and i am not your sister.. i think you must have misunderstood ....cause i look a lot like you.. but i am the only child of my parent.."she began to sweat.... this would have been the scariest nightname she would ever have seen


" damn shit..i didn't knew that those humans changed your name.. and how funny name is this..' Thursday Williams' sounds just like 'good friday '........they don't even have a common sense to name a vampire kid.."he looked so much annoyed

" what. vampire kid??.. who mee... noooo  not me.. i can go out in sunlight and i am not cold like ice.. and i don't need to drink blood. nor am i bitten by anyone.. and i grows .. so i am not  a vampire..!!!!!!"

he stared at her.. " what does that matter..and who the hell told you that vampires cant go out in sun??"

"yeah .. i know vampires sparkles..right.. you don't go out in the sunlight because people will be scared of you.. right??? but i don't sparkles..fine..!!!"she saidraising her brows

" what sparkles????....who told you that??"he nearly glared at her

" well i saw that in twilight.."she said in a little.. and weak voice

" what the hell.. i hate that movie.. how funny.. how can someone be cold like ice.. and how can anyone live if they are ice sculptures.. ooh my god.. how can yo believe such funny things..??" he began to laugh loudly..

"so..... you don't sparkles??"she asked

"nop!!not at all"and he grinned

"then what about all those movies..?"she asked

" look you have to go to school then you can ask anything you want.. but first you have to come with me.... to our home.. don't you want to meet our parents."...he said movig closer to her 

" stop lying to me.. i wont be fooled by you.."she saisd etting annoyed

" whatever.."he said and went out of the door in an amzing speed.. she just kept looking at the open door..she thought' was that all true.. but he was not the one who saved me? who cas that boy with silver hair and those bronze eyes...i think i have to find this out myself... and maybe he was true as the doctor said i heal too fast...i have to ask my mother...she will know something about this mess.. if this was true i will go with him..and if not...I WILL FING THIS OUT i Thursday Williams or Scarlette Storm????

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