This story is full of mystery... magic.. vampires werewolves.. and all such things.. which you would never have heard of.. nor seen even in your dreams.. hold your breath before you has little romance too.. but more you read more you know . how many tings are unseen to our human eyes..and yes a lot humorous


4. Don't know...


Hey! If any one is reading please do comment.. at least you can criticize me for the wrong things i have done i am just a beginner and i don't think that the first book will be that interesting..anyway.. thanks to read


" Wow.." she exclaimed with her eyes wide..

" what?" he asked with a confused expression..

" i got was too ... i mean tooo long explanation...who told you this whole history??"she asked 

"ooh.. we were taught in our school..."

"ooh... so you do have a school....of course  and what are the subjects in there...???" she asked giving an uncomfortable smile..

"well.. we do have subjects like...English,Science , history,geography, and fighting classes.." he answered simply..

"FIGHTING CLASSES???????" she asked nearly yelling at him..

"yes....we are vampires and we don't have democracy... so for some reasons we have to fight a lot...and by a lot i mean a loooot.." he said with a wide grin.

" so that means that i will also need to fight.??"

"yes!!" he answered with a evil smile..

" but you know i cant even fight Kate off and you are telling me about fighting a ....a vampire..??" she asked looking like a little child with lot of homework

" welll.. that's because you haven't activated your vampire powers at that time.." he answered like a science teacher answering a simple question

"is it like activating and account on any site???" she asked raising an eyebrow

he busted out laughing...and she silently starred at him in an emotionless and expressionless manner still frozen with a risen eyebrow..."Sorry.. did i said something wrong..????""

he finally controlled himself and finally started" sorry.. i coudnt control myself princess...actually your vampire characters were locked so that you wont hurt any humans in here... and dont think like vampire... it was decided that when you will turn 15 that magical lock will be removed in vampireca...but when the homo-spider attacked you it hit your head and broke the lock in a very painful way.. but as your vampire characters were activated you started to heal faster.. like a vampire.. oyu senses sharpened .. now you cannot compare yourself to any human in here.."

sorry.. but what is this VAmPIRECA????"she asked

"ooh its our planet and its where we are going on Thursday...."

"oooh... but dont oyu think its a weird name for a planet and where is this planet??"

"it is in the parallel dimension of was created by your father 15 thousand years ago...and all magical creatures decided that we will live there instead o the human world..there is only one gate for that place which is now in Canada.. and we are going to the gate.."

" wait you said that my father created it 15 thousand years ago.. right???" 

he nodded in agreement.." then how old he actually is??"she aked

" i dont know.. actually he our king....i dont know his exact age... but you can ask him when you meet him..."he said and smiled at her..

" so how old are you??..""

"hmm.. 15 .." he said and smiled

"really.. i thought that vampires dont age..."

" well.. they dont when they reach the age of 15 .. till then the body grows like a human and at 15 it stops growing... and start growing wings..its something like puberty for us.."he said thinking something..

"ooh.. so do you have wings??"

"i turned 15 on this march...i am just like you.. just some months older than you.."

"OK... so do vampires have something like special powers??"

" yes..many of then have and some don't . like a defect...but it happens rarely.."he said looking on the tiled floor of the kitchen

"so what is yours..?" she asked eagerly

" he looked up to see her face.. it was like a little child looking at a jar of candies.. her eyes hga a spark in them.." shape-shifting"

" And i suppose that means that you can change your looks to sombody else.???"

he nodded" have oyu told your mom that you have a tattoo on your back..??"

he asked steadily..

"no...but how did you know that i have a tattoo on my back.. i don't wear short dresses..."she said almost lifting up from her chair.

" i saw it when you were bathing...."he said with an evil grin on his face but looking at the ground

she turned red and then asked in a weak voice almost like a whisper.." how.. i didn't see you there.."

" ooh htats pretty simple i changed into a cockroach..and you have tried to kill me many times.... well not you but your mom...but i always escaped her.."

her pale face turned red and she stood up and went to the place where utensils were kept.. too a pan and yelled..." how dare you do that???" and stepped towards him...he looked at he with his eyes wide and the "pufff" changed into a  'COCKROACH' she dropped the pan and started screaming like it was a snake rather than a cockroach..he changed himself back again..

" dont ever do that again.."

" sure.."he replied and smiled again..

"so.. do you have some thing like university in there...if you have schools then you probably will have something colleges or university in there.."

" yes we do have.."

" really??"

" yes we have different classes like soul-weaving, magical enchantments , TFDR,fighting skills...and many more..

"what__" she was cut off by him.

"you will learn about them in the school.. go to bed .. its oto late.. you have to go to school now..."he ordered..

" but.. i dont wanna go to school.."

" shut up.." he ordered and she obeyed him like a little girl.


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