My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

Erin Hills is a young teenager who just started year 10, she meets this guy called Scott Bevens and instantly falls in love with him. What happens when she starts to date him but he acts strangly around her could this be the end or is this just the begining.


4. What are you?

I went to bed but i couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Scott might be a werewolf and i still am in love with him. I woke up the next morning at 3:00 because of a bad dream about Scott ripping me to pieces because i wouldn't be with him thank god it wasn't true ohh yes it's the weekend, I ran over to the bathroom and decided to have a bath instead of a shower when i got out i did my hair and makeup and then walked back into my room to find something to wear and went with a red pokadot dress and red shoes.


As i walked down stairs i heard the tv on but no-one was watching it so i went and turned it of but as soon as i turned around it was back on again hmm strange i turned it back off again and then went into the kitchin to get some breakfast i ate all my food and then wrote a note to my perants to tell them were i was.


Dear Mum and Dad i have gone to one of my friends houses for the day and probally won't be back until 9:00pm sorry if i woke you this morning but i got angry at the tv because it kept turning it's self back on.I hope you have fun today Here's my number just in case you dont't know it. 6077404022 Bye love from Erin xxx


I searched up Scott Bevens in the yellow pages and got his phone number and called it" Ohh hello Scott it's Erin i was just wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me toight?" Yeah that woud be great but um what movie and when does it start" Well I was hoping to watch werewolfs on full moon and it starts at 7:30 and ends at 9:00" " Oh im sorry to disapoint you Erin because i really do like you it's just it's a full moon tonight and to be honest I am a big scardy cat  maby you could come to mine tomarrow morning and we could watch movies then okay sorry i have to go chain my self up i mean lock the doors so that nothing scary can come in and get me bye .................................................." Did he really just say that OMG I wounder why he said chain myself up and then make up an exuse to say that he didn't mean that i think i have i mystery on my hands.

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