My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

Erin Hills is a young teenager who just started year 10, she meets this guy called Scott Bevens and instantly falls in love with him. What happens when she starts to date him but he acts strangly around her could this be the end or is this just the begining.


3. The Call

I got home and decided to watch a bit of TeenWolf when out of no were i heard a wolf howling outside i Ignored it but then i heard a response i said to my self was probally just amagining it because i was watching TeenWolf season 1 episode 7 so i decided to turn it off and get into bed and i fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning and when into the shower i came back out and felt somthing strange inside my stomche it was grose i did my makeup and hair then whent down stairs and found my dad laying dead on the floor with his throat ripped open and blood everywere I screamed and my mum came rushing down and also started screaming and hugging me my older sister came down and called and ambulance and the police and then ran back up stairs to get my little brother. I let go of my mum and ran over to the window that was smashed open and found the pen that Scott lent me. Did i forget to give it back?


I'm pretty sure i did give back his pen but when i picked it up i found bite marks and blood on the other side had Scott been here? But why would he have I decided to keep the pen because it had my finger prints on it and i didnt want to het the blame of killing my on father I ran up stairs and started doing so reaserch on wolfs in California and it said their havn't been any here in 60 years so i did some more reaserch and looked up werewolfs was Scott one or is all this a dream.

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