My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

Erin Hills is a young teenager who just started year 10, she meets this guy called Scott Bevens and instantly falls in love with him. What happens when she starts to date him but he acts strangly around her could this be the end or is this just the begining.


2. Scott Beven

I walked to my locker and turned around to face the guy i sat behind in english and he started to walk over to me "hello im Scott Beven sorry to interupt but may i get your name".Oh hello Scott my name is Erin, Erin Hills." Haha well i guess i will see you around Erin but i have to get to lacrosse practice now but i might see you later okay". Okay bye. aww he's so nice and not to mention super hot.


At lunch time i could not help myself but to stare and Scott and his friend sitting at a table by them selfs, Scotts friend pointed at me and I quickly walked away before Scott thought i was stalking him.


"Hey Scott is that the girl you were telling me about". " Yeah shes Hot aint she she sits behind me in English" " Scott you cant be with her remember you could badly hurt her or even worse kill her remember what happened". " Yeah but i dont think i will hurt her isaac all i want to do is live my freaking teenage life but no i got stuck with this stupid curse"." Oi Scott calm down or else you will start to shift here right now infront of everyone"." I'm sorry Isaac but why did this happen to me"."probally because the alfa (the one that bit you)  last night needs a pack to survive". " I know Isaac but what i want to know is why he choose me not anyone else"." Scott he probally just choose the person who was the easiest to get to,witch was your fult for being out last night". " Ohh what ever Isaac lets just get to class." 

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