My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

Erin Hills is a young teenager who just started year 10, she meets this guy called Scott Bevens and instantly falls in love with him. What happens when she starts to date him but he acts strangly around her could this be the end or is this just the begining.


6. Is this true

As i walk up to Isaacs front door i had this strange feeling that someoen was behind me so i quickly turned around and it was Isaac.


" Ohh My God you scared the living day lights out of me, hey are you Erin?" Yep thats me i really need to talk to you about something in privet." okay come in"


So i was just wondering if there was such things as you know werewolfs. " What no their is no such thing" ( I knew that he was keeping something from me) Your lieing, okay i just going to come out and say it even if its not true and i make a complete fool of myself I KNOW THAT SCOTT IS A WEREWOLF!


" omg would you please keep it down scott is outside right now and he can probally hear us and if he found out that some one else new apart from me he would go ape wire in me!" Ohh sorry i told you i needed to go some were privet wait did you just say that Scott being a werewolf is true."Yes but please dont tell anyone"Scott comes through the window.


" To late Isaac but im not mad i knew this day would come" " are you sure mate" Yeah im fine with it honestly" Okay then" well this is getting weird so um im gonna go okay i have to get back to my sister she is probally freaking out right now bye. Just as i was about to go out the door Scott comes running after me " Erin You must not tell anyone " dont worry i wont " ohh and one more thing Erin will you go out with me!."

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