My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

Erin Hills is a young teenager who just started year 10, she meets this guy called Scott Bevens and instantly falls in love with him. What happens when she starts to date him but he acts strangly around her could this be the end or is this just the begining.


1. New School

I woke up at 2:00am to the sound of a boy screaming so i quickly got dressed and ran down stairs to find my older sister,younger brother and my mum and dad all holding weapons we all ran out side to find only a few blood splaters we all went back in side and dad phoned up the police and because we lived alone on a farm I dont think anyone else heard the scream. The police arrived very quickly and told me and my family to go back to sleep and that they would take care of it. I went back up to my room and shut my window and closed the blinds so i couldn't see are hear the sirens of the police cars and fell back to sleep.


As I woke up again the police were still outside but i was worried because a few of them were dead and most of them were badly injured, I tried to forget about them as i went into the shower and washed my long wavy brown hair and steped out of the shower and put the towel around me. I walked over to the mirror and put on some makeup and was thinking about earlier this morning as i walked to my wardrobe to pick out some clothes to wear i decide to go with a yellow flower dress with some matching yellow flat slip on shoes. I looked at the clock and i was already 5 mins late.


As i walked into school and i sat down on a bench waiting for the principal to come and take me to my first class, while i was still waiting i got a call from my mum asking me if i got there okay and if i had everything i needed i did apart from a pen. The principal ascorted me to my first class and i went in and sat down in a seat directly behind this hot guy and some how he new i didn't have a pen because he gave me his.

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