Harry's Summer Romance

Rated R 13-Harry and the gang ( One Direction ) are on their summer vacation at a private beach house, when Louis, Harry's best friend brings along his girlfriends Eleanor, Eleanor's really missing her best friend Cat so Louis rings up Cat as a major suprise to Eleanor, but Harry comes to a liking for Cat, but does not know if she feels the same way about him.
Could this ruin Harry and Cats relationship as friends or will this be another summer romance?


1. The Car Trip



When he lays you down  I might just die inside, It just don’t feel right, ‘Cause I can love you more than this, Can love you more than this   YEA GUYS! Louis shouts, We finally finshed our last sentences of recording Liam Explains taking his headphones of his ears like the other boys , How about we go down to our private beach house? Zayn suggests  sounds good Harry says with a cheeky grin on his face, Woah whats up with thats smile? Louis explains, Ohhh I know your searching for a girl.... on the beach! Hey Haz sorry mermaids not exsist! Says Niall...... Unfortunatly no one laughs Sorry Niall! say's Louis I think the comedian in the band is taken by me. Everyone sits down quietly, to break the awkward silence.....IM HUNGRY with an open mouth Shouts Niall Then Paul walks in with his black suit and walkie talkie, boys I heard your going to the beach house so I decided to pack all your clothes for you THANKS PAUL the boys say in a awkward chorus  okkk.... says paul, One thing, Louis come over here! Sureeeee says louis not knowing what to expect Paul says someones here to see you ill leave you out there. Louis walks out the door and sees....


ELEANOR!!! Exclaims I with my arms wide with my big bright smile on my face LOUIS SWEETIE!!!! Says my wonderful girlfriend Eleanor, How What Where When is stuttered did you come babe i say last night she says with her sweet caring voice I MISSED YOU! Says Eleanor ME TOO I say I run to give her a kiss but suddenly I become passionate Mmmmm... says eleanor when it breaks the "moment if you know what I mean" Ewwwwwwww I hear the boys gagging! Then i I pull away to see her beautiful face.


Oh My God when I saw him all I could damn think was SEXY,  SEXY,  SEXY Im so lucky to have such a hot boyfriend, and I love it when he calls me babe I feel like the luckiest girl on earth.


So whos car are we gonna take to the beach house says zayn ummm welll take mine says louis holding eleanors hand ok say the boys Ahem (cough Eleanor is here! cough cough) Ohhh hi eleanor the boys say getting out of there lazy chairs greeting her with a hug one by one. So lets get going says liam they all walk out to louis car on the gravel louis takes eleanors bags and his when they boys take there own.They all hop in the car Louis driving eleanor in the passenger seat liam zan and harry in the three back sets and niall laying across the boys. Suddenly WMYB comes on they all sing there solos but eleanor sings the chorus. A few hours pass..... WERE HEAR

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