A night like this

One directions Niall horan's best friend and cousin to Liam payn is getting the boys for a trip to go see her. Sher horse sparten is really sick and they don't know how to handle the sad teen. There is a chance of sparten dying.
Louis harry Niall and zayn become very close to the girl throu her time of need can the boys help the poor horse or will the sorrow go on longer.
If sparten passed away Liam won't go on half the tour the boys have to find a way before its to late.


1. Arriving

Liam's pov
We got to her house and found her crying in the barn "izzy u ok?" I sat down beside her and Tryed to calm her "ahhh your here"she yelled and hugged me and the boys I guess I surprised her "Niall wow" she was amazed "you stop crying fast" he said
"you got braces...you dyed your hair ugh you never listin" she
Yelled and hugged every one again "so where is sparten?" I asked she pointed to the stall behined her and she teard up again I looked at sparten and I felt lIke crying.

There is never a day I don't think a horse could look worse than now
She was all skin and bones "so izzy it's almost Christmas wadda u want?"
Niall took out his video camara and recorded every word "all I want for Christmas is you guys" she smileld.
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