Minor Complications (Part 1)

Instead of going to parties, 17 year old Emma would prefer to stay home and watch television, even though her best friend Tiffany begs her to leave the house once in a while. One night at a party, Tiffany meets the members of One Direction, and falls head over heels for Liam. Unfortunately, so does Emma. They become close friends with Zayn, Harrry, and Louis, who try to stay out of the drama. And then there is Niall, who constantly fights for Emma's attention. Complicated. This is part of my Complications trilogy.

This is a story for the One Direction contest. :)
It used to be called Little Complications, but when I decided to make it a trilogy I had to change the name.


10. The End

*Emma's Point Of View*

"He kissed you?" Tiffany asks, excitedly.

I smile and bite my lip. "Yes... And then there were the couple other times over the past three days."

Tiffany squeals. "Why are you so happy?" I ask her.

"Because," she says, her voice getting higher and higher, "Now we are both dating members of One Direction! We can go on double dates!"

"Not for a while though."

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"The boys leave tomorrow, to go back to the studio to record."

"Oh! I completely forgot!" she says, upset.

"It's okay. They will be able to come back in a month." I say, trying to reassure her. 

"A month? Thats so long!"

"I know." I say sadly, but then I smile. 

"You're smiling! Why are you smiling?"

I laugh. "Stop! Our boyfriends are leaving for a month and you're smiling! Are you happy about this?" she asks, still quite upset.

"No, it's not that. I am sad about that."

"Well, then what?" she asks, raising her eyebrows.

"Since three days ago, I just can't seem to stop smiling." 

***One Month Later***

I feel butterflies inside my stomach. Tiffany and I were waiting at the airport, outside the gate. It was empty and quiet. We are at a little private airport, so the boys wouldn't get mobbed.

The doors open, and seconds later Liam runs out, his arms outstretched. He grabs Tiffany and spins her around. I smiled. I was so happy for her. I had completely gotten over Liam. I was finally happy. 

A few more seconds pass, and then Niall walks through the doors. He smiles and his beautiful blue eyes light up. He runs up and wraps his arms around  my waist. He pulls me close and we hug for about a minute. I pull away and wrap my arms around his neck. I lean in and press my lips against his. 

"I've missed you." he whispers into my ear.

I've never been happier. 



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