Minor Complications (Part 1)

Instead of going to parties, 17 year old Emma would prefer to stay home and watch television, even though her best friend Tiffany begs her to leave the house once in a while. One night at a party, Tiffany meets the members of One Direction, and falls head over heels for Liam. Unfortunately, so does Emma. They become close friends with Zayn, Harrry, and Louis, who try to stay out of the drama. And then there is Niall, who constantly fights for Emma's attention. Complicated. This is part of my Complications trilogy.

This is a story for the One Direction contest. :)
It used to be called Little Complications, but when I decided to make it a trilogy I had to change the name.


4. Texts

*Emma's Point Of View*



That's the text I get from Niall. Niall Horan. I must admit I am a little disappointed that it' not Liam but, it's still Niall Horan. I send back a quick 'hey', and jump in the shower. I recap the events of last night.

I met One Direction. I'm not happy about the way Tiffany was looking at Liam all night. I am definitely not happy about the way he was looking back. We all sat and talked at the pizzeria until 11 o'clock. It was like we were all old college friends catching up on life the past few years after graduation. They told us stories about what fans would do on tour, the stars they've met, and every where they have been. I strangely felt calm and normal. Except for the burning I got in my stomach every time Tiffany laughed at one of Liam's jokes, or every time she brushed against his hand or arm. And every time Liam spoke, my heart would beat faster.

I got out of the shower, got dressed, and checked my phone. 

One message from Niall asking me 'whatsup', and one from Tiffany saying 'hey'. I immediately reply to Niall and say "Nothing much, hbu?". But I hesitate before replying to Tiffany. I was so angry at her. But, I shouldn't be. I glance at my poster on the wall and look at Liam's face. The red heart I had drew around it a while ago was fading. I feel my phone buzz and see it's Niall. I look back up at the poster and get chills. The blonde boy in the poster on my wall is texting me, right now. I say 'hey' back to Tiffany and check Niall's message. 

"Stuffing my face with pancakes haha"

I reply, "Of course you are. You're Niall, you eat everything"

"Haha they are just so good"

"I bet, I'm jealous"

"As you should be"


"So, did you have a fun time last night?"

"Of course! We should definitely all hangout again soon before you leave. When do you leave?"

"Not for a month:)"


"Liam just asked Tiffany what you and her are doing tonight" My heart dropped. Liam just asked Tiffany? As in, he is texting her right now? Is that why she isn't replying to me? She's texting Liam? So that means she's going to come too. It's not going to be just me and the boys hanging out, but her as well. Just then, I get a text from her.


"Liam just asked me if we wanted to hangout tonight"

"I know. Niall just asked me the same thing"

I text Niall, "I'm not busy, what did you have in mind?"

Seconds later, I get a text from both of them.


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