Minor Complications (Part 1)

Instead of going to parties, 17 year old Emma would prefer to stay home and watch television, even though her best friend Tiffany begs her to leave the house once in a while. One night at a party, Tiffany meets the members of One Direction, and falls head over heels for Liam. Unfortunately, so does Emma. They become close friends with Zayn, Harrry, and Louis, who try to stay out of the drama. And then there is Niall, who constantly fights for Emma's attention. Complicated. This is part of my Complications trilogy.

This is a story for the One Direction contest. :)
It used to be called Little Complications, but when I decided to make it a trilogy I had to change the name.


2. I Am Officially Jealous

*Emma's Point of View*


Tiffany turns around and calls to me.

"Emma! You came! Guys this is my friend I was telling you about. She's a huge fan."

I walk up to them and nod my head. It takes me a few second to actually get my vocal chords working.

"Hi." I say, hoping I look more happy than star-struck.

"Hello." they all say, and nod at the same time.

"Emma is probably dying right now. She's obsessed with all of you." she laughs. She said it like I was a 10 year old.

My anger at what she just said pushes words out of my mouth. "I wouldn't say obsessed, but I'm definitely a fan."

"Awesome, we love our fans.  They are so supportive." says Liam. That's when I let myself look at him. Oh my God, he is beautiful. 

And that's when it actually hits me. I'm standing in between Zayn and Tiffany. I'm looking right at Harry and Niall. This is really happening. Okay. Don't screw this up. Be normal. Act like they are just a few friends you just ran into on the beach.

"So, how do you girls know each other?" asks Harry. I see Tiffany open her moth to answer and am about to let her before I realize she is still touching Liam. 

"We met in 1st grade. It's kind of a funny story. I was eating some chips, when she comes up to me and tells me to give her them or she would smack me in the face. I told her I would give her some if she asked politely and so she did and somehow after that we became friends. She was a big bully back then. But hey, I guess somethings never change." 

The boys raise their eyebrows. I can't believe I just said that. Tiffany lets go of Liam and looks at me, confused and hurt. She then throws back her head and begins to laugh. 

"Sorry about that boys. That's just how we joke around all the time. Oh, Emma you are such a bully too." she says, and continues to laugh, trying to act normal. 

Harry laughs. "I mess around with Louis the same way. He can be such a prick sometimes."

"Oh, right. Well, at least I don't have four nipples." Louis retorts.

Harry blushes and we all laugh. "Hey, you girls want to go out for some pizza?" Niall asks, looking at me.

I look at Tiffany and she says, "Sure. There is one five minutes away."

"How do you get there?" asks Zayn.

"You can follow us. I have my car." I say.

"We should exchange numbers, incase we get lost." Niall says, and hands me his iPhone. I am pretty shocked that he said this, but I enter my number and then look at Liam. He's giving Tiffany his number. I know I was giving Niall my number, and Liam is right next to her, but the fact that he gave Tiffany his number first made me even more angry.

After we all give each other our numbers, Tiffany and I walk to my car in silence. Once we get in she asks, "Why did you tell them I was a bully?"

I wanted so badly to tell her it was because I had a crush on Liam. I have told her thousands of times but, she always zoned out whenever I started talking about One Direction. She wasn't even a fan. This made me more angry, but if i told her she would say that I was acting stupid and then probably make a point to flirt with him more. "I don't know," I lie. "I thought it would be funny."

"Well,can you not do that again, please? It was kind of embarrassing."

"Sorry." I mutter, but on the inside, I was kind of happy. 

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