After her parents mysterious disappearance, April is sent to a children's home. She is soon adopted, and forced to live with complete strangers who have been going through the same thing. April thinks she has absolutely nothing in common with these other outcasts... but maybe they do.


1. Prologue


The attic door swung open, beaming a ray of light into the darkness. The man swung his torch around, looking for me. Luckily, I was hidden behind an old couch. "Nah mate, she's not up here," the man stated as she shone his light straight at at the couch. "She's definitely up there! You wouldn't know if you don't check!" another voice snapped, "Here, let me up!" A set of footsteps echoed up the ladder leading to the attic and the other man was finally up. I curled up with my arms wrapped around my knees, my eyes squeezed shut. I was praying that I would turn invisible, so I wouldn't be caught. But magic only existed in movies. The light shone on me and the man yelled, "She's here!" He placed his arm on my shoulder, "C'mon lass, you can't stay here no more. We've got a much better place for you to stay, now." I was helped up and followed the man down the ladder. I tried so hard but failed in the end. "Grab your things," the other man who opened the door to the attic first, "Your leaving this place." I hurried into my room and grabbed my suitcase. I piled all of my remaining things into my suitcase and wiped a small tear from my eye. I tried so hard but failed in the end. The last thing I packed was a picture of my mum and dad in a frame. I felt like throwing it halfway across the room, but I don't know if they abandoned me or if something happened to them. I walked out of my bedroom, kissing it goodbyes and out of the front door. I hopped into the car and sighed. I stared at the remaining picture I had of them. I traced my finger around the frame and blinked the tears from my eyes. Where were they? 
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