After her parents mysterious disappearance, April is sent to a children's home. She is soon adopted, and forced to live with complete strangers who have been going through the same thing. April thinks she has absolutely nothing in common with these other outcasts... but maybe they do.


5. Chapter 4: I'm a WHAT?


I woke up feeling hot and sweaty. It was a feeling I had never experienced. I started groaning because of the pain in my body and it soon grew to yelps. My bones felt like they were stretching and the pain got to much to handle. I yelled for Lily as I gripped onto the bed head. Lily woke up beside me and asked what's wrong. I couldn't answer, I was screaming and screeching in pain. My bones were... aching and felt like they were stretching... what the heck was happening? I screamed once more as my head pounded. 


"OH MY FREAKING GOD!" Lily shouted as she ran out of the room. 


I rolled over onto Lily's bed and collapsed onto the floor. I screamed again and the boys ran into the room to check on me. I didn't want them to see me like this... until Mr And Mrs Hutton walked in. Mr. Hutton cursed as my eyes shut together tightly. I screeched once more as an even sharper pain shot through my body. My sences got stronger and I curled up into a ball hoping the pain would go away... it didnt. It got worse and worse, and all I could hear was cursing and yelling. I screamed once more because this time the pain was sharper then before. But the scream... it was more like a howl.

My eyes shot open and everyone was crowded around me. Mrs. Hutton was crying to herself and the other stood in shock. "What?" I asked... but it turned out as a bark. I was freaking out. I sat up and squinted at the mirror behind the group. A light brown wolf stared straight back. I felt light headed, what was going on. I stared at my front wolf leg.This has to be a dream, I thought, Maybe if I bite my arm... I would wake up. I rose my front leg up and gripped my mouth around it. The pain rushed up my leg and I howled.


Mrs. Hutton spoke, "I'm sorry we didn't mention this, April." I was pissed off, how could they NOT mention this?! I raised my hind legs, crouched down and barked angrily. They all backed away and I grinned to myself. Served them right. I darted my eyed to the nearest window, yes I was going to do it. I ran towards the glass and jumped through it, causing a million shards of glass to shatter. Sure it was a two story house, but I just managed to land on four feet. The glass rained down on me like hail as I heard yelling and shouting from the group. I howled and darted into the forest, far, far away from those backstabbing liers, hoping no one would follow me.




April had transformed.

She wasn't supposed to... yet.

But the wolf inside her was eager to get out.

She transformed into a beige and white colored wolf and her purply-pink eyes glimmered straight at me.


After April bolted into the forest, I turned to everyone, "I'm going after her..."


Rena's eyes bulged, "What? Niall are you crazy? It's her first transformation, god knows what might happen!"


"She's right, Niall," Kai said, "Wolves cannot be trusted during their first trans-"


"I'm going to bring her home, OK!" I snapped as I faced the window.


I ran up and jumped. While airbourne, pain shot through my body like a bullet and I transformed. Before I touched the ground, I stretched out my paws and landed, then braking into a sprint. I entered the forest and followed the scent of April. My heart started thumping as loud as my paws hitting the rock hard ground. The moonlight reflected on my soft, pearl gray fur. Sooner or later, I lost April's scent. Though, I kept running and running until a silowhette skidded out from nowhere. I skidded to a stop and peered closer.The silowhette stepped closer and the moonlight shon upon his face. It was a man... and he held a gun. I couldnt run, I was afraid. April will never find the rest of us again... and I will never live. I backed away slowly, crouched closely to the ground and the man raised the gun up to his face. "Your eyes are unbelievable," he whispered, "It would be a shame if they hung up on a wall on a wooden slate-" As soon as the gun clicked, the man toppled over as a wolf jumped onto the hunter. The bullet took off up into the sky and I looked up at my Good Samaritan...

  ...It was April.

The man howled in pain as April bit into his neck, possibly killing him. As his pulse slowed, April's eyes met with mine. She nodded to me, signaling we had to move... and fast. We ran off and I followed her off into the darkness of the eerie night.




I woke up the next morning due to the morning light shining on my face. My eyes flickered open and my head pounded. I groaned and turned over, until I saw Niall fast asleep on the forest floor. What happened last night? As I say up, my whole body ached. I rubbed my head and looked around. The trees stood like skyscrapers and the grass was warm thanks to the morning sun. 


"Morning, princess," Niall whispered as he stretched himself out.


"Ouch..." I groaned, I felt like I had a hangover or something, "What happened?"


Niall smiled, "You turned into a wolf last night..."


Everything came flooding back to me. The pain, the transformation... I backed away from Niall. "You... you didn't tell me..." I stammered. 


"We didn't think you were going to transform, April."


"But you guys LIED to me!" I snapped.


Niall shook his head, "But you forgave me."




"If you didn't forgive me at the freaking last minute, you would of let me die from the hunter," Niall explained, "My head would of been placed on a peice of wood and my dead eyes would be staring back at people marveling at the "catch of the day". You saved my life, April, thank you."


My mouth curved up into a smile, "No problem, but I want the whole low down of this... thing..."


"What do you want to learn?" Niall asked.


I learnt pretty much everything. I was a werewolf. I could turn into a full wolf whenever I wanted, but not one of those hairy Bigfoot looking things. Niall explained that all werewolf parents leave their offspring like they do in the wild as soon as they think they can fend for themselves. This causes first transformation as soon as the parents leave. For werewolves, it happens approximately when you hit fifteen-sixteen. 


"But why didn't you guys tell me?" I asked.


Niall sighed, "We didn't think you we're ready yet, we estimated you were going to transform in another week but apparently not."


I nodded. It all made sense, "What about Mr. and Mrs. Hutton?" I asked.


"No, they're not wolves, they're guardians. Guardians train those whom are wolves and care for them until it's time they can live own their own," Niall explained.


Wow. All these years I had no idea I was a wolf inside... this was crazy! I grabbed the sides of my head and shook my head. I looked up at Niall, he was still there.


I blushed and stood up. "What did I do last night? Anything bad?" 


Niall smiled, "You transformed, broke a window and saved my life... wow you've been a busy girl!"


I laughed and rose up to my feet. I brushed the dirt off of my pajamas. Niall and I walked home in silence and we soon came across the dead hunter lying motionless on the ground. My bite marks scarred on his neck and I gulped, I felt so guilty that I had killed a man. I went to speak but Niall hushed me. I went to speak again but he rose a finger to my lips. I listened closely and heard the on coming footsteps of a group of men. My heart sped up and pain ran through my body like adrenaline. I shut my eyes as my transformation took over. It was much faster this time, and I opened my eyes as soon as it was done. In front of me stood a magnificent pearl gray wolf. Niall looked adorable! Niall gave a quick flick of his head and bolted. I followed his tail, since I had no idea where we were going. I didn't know if the men had heard us, but we kept running until we were a far distance from them. We kept running as wolves until we got to the back of the house. We dodged the pool and both collapsed on the decking, tired out. Huffing and puffing, we transformed slowly back to humans. I opened one eye and looked at Niall. I was half crying, half laughing. He pulled me close and I laughed into his chest. We were both breathing heavily and pulled apart. I looked up and there stood Mr. and Mrs. Hutton. Wow... wasn't I in a load of trouble.


As soon as I was seated on the ground, I yelled to them, "I'm sorry for everything I did, and for braking a window and getting lost in the forest! I won't do it again!"


Mrs. Hutton handed me a hot cup of tea, "It's ok, April. We should have told you, I'm sorry. We didn't know what was best for you."


Mr. Hutton stroked my hair, "Every wolf goes through their first transformation the hard way. Niall here did worse..."


I wanted to know how worse, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. They had just forgiven me after what I did, and I didn't want them to change their mind.


"Mr. and Mrs. Hutton? You were good for choosing April," Niall stated.


"And why might that be, Niall?" Mrs. Hutton asked.


Niall looked over at me, "She saved my life and killed a hunter, the young lass did."


"Is that true?" Damn, I was going to cop it. Why did Niall bring it up? I didn't want to speak, I just wanted to slip away into the darkness.


Mrs. Hutton nodded, "Thank you, April."


I was shocked, "What?"


"First of all," Mr. Hutton said, "You saved Niall's life and second, you killed a hunters life."


"And that's a good thing? For killing a man?"


Mrs. Hutton laughed, "Yes! You see, we've had much trouble with the hunters. They prowl the woods, looking for wolves like you children. It's horrific, so thank you for getting one out of our way."


I nodded slowly, "Uh... no problem...?"


Mr. Hutton picked up the local newspaper resting on the coffee table, "How about you folk get cleaned up? You'll need a decent breakfast."

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