After her parents mysterious disappearance, April is sent to a children's home. She is soon adopted, and forced to live with complete strangers who have been going through the same thing. April thinks she has absolutely nothing in common with these other outcasts... but maybe they do.


4. Chapter 3: Strange Feelings


After the scrumptious dinner of spaghetti bolognese, I dragged my luggage upstairs. I was rooming with  the girls and the boys slept in a seperate room. I pushed the door open and smiled as Lily flicked the light switch. The room was HUGE! 

The walls were painted baby blue and the furniture was all white. Four king sized single beds lined up against the back wall but still had enough room to have small bedside tables. A long but short window stretched across that same wall up near the roof that was closed thanks to the white blinds. In the top corner on the left wall was a white wooden wdoor that I later found out let to the walk in robe. Beside the walk in robe sat various types of furniture, which was well organized. In the top corner on the right wall stood another white wooden door, only this time leading to the ensuite. Again, furniture was spread out beside the ensuite door. A blue, round carpet sat in the middle of the white carpet flooring and beanbags scattered around the on the carpet. Collages of various music artists and movie stars hung on the side walls and a large corkboard covered in photos hung bellow the window.

"Wow! This is amazing!" I cried.

"Thanks! I hope you like these people cause I'm afraid if you don't, we're still not taking them down," Rena laughed, pointing to the collages.

My jaw dropped, "Are you kidding me? Usher is HAWT!" 

"Oh, and Josh Hutcherson..." Lily sighed.

"See what I have to put up with?" Shayna scoffed and walked out, "I'll be hanging out with Reece!" She called from down the hallway. 

Lily rolled her eyes, "Ignore her. She's a little... up her self, if you know what I mean."

I giggled, "I know what you mean, but do you guys think she has something against me?"

"Shayna? She's always grumpy. She also has ADHD so I wouldnt get her fired up," Rena warned as a whisper, "Anyways, your bed will be here!"

Rena pointed to the third bed from the left and I nodded, "Cool, I'll just get my stuff unpacked... um, where do you want me to put my stuff?"

Lily opened the door to the walk in robe, "Important clothes like dresses and jackets and shoes will go in the WIR, but casual clothes and underwear will go in the tall boy next to mine."

The girls helped me unpack and set up around the room. We pinned up some photos of me on the corkboard and set up my bedside table. I placed my rag doll dog on my bed and looked around the room. Everything was perfect. All we needed was some more photos but this time with my new housemates and siblings. 

"Ah-May-Zing!" Rena squealed.

"Marvelous! It's about nine-ish so I think it's off to bed for us!" Lily grinned.

I paused, "Tomorrow's Monday, dont we have school?"

Rena shook her head, "Summer holidays AND all of us are homeschooled."

"Wow... I've never been homeschooled before..." I stuttered.

Lily have a faint smile, "C'mon, come and say goodnight to your new mum and dad."

We hopped downstairs and found Mr. and Mrs. Hutton snuggled on the couch watching TV. 

"We're off to bed, good night mother," Rena smiled as she kissed Mrs. Hutton on the forehead, "Good night father."

Lily stepped up next, "Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Hutton."

The duo bowed they're heads, "Good night, Lily."

Lily was done so I stood there and whispered shyly, "Good night Mr. Hutton. Good night Mrs. Hutton."

Mrs. Hutton stood up and gave a quick peck on the cheek, "Please, call me mum."


On the way back up stairs after we had grabbed some drumstick icecream to have before we go to bed, I was glad with my new family. They were amazingly nice, except for Shayna. I still didn't know if she classified me as her sister yet, but if she was going to keep up the bad vibe I'm recieving from her... I won't. I walked into the boys bedroom down the hall and it was like our room... but a lot more boyish. Instead of single beds, in it's place sat two sets of bunk beds. The wall was painted a light grey but you could hardly see the colour due to all of the posters. All of these kids we're into their music. All of the boys sat in the beanbags and Shayna sat with them, laughing. 

"Um... Shay? Time for bed, you too boys..." ordered Lily.

Shayna groaned and rose to her feet. She shot me a dirty look and I looked down at my feet.

"Hey, maybe we could play a bit of Truth Or Dare!" Kai suggested, "We'll get to know April a bit more!"

"OMG YES! Please Lily, please!" Rena begged.

Lily looked over at Michael. They must be the leaders of the kids because they were the oldest. "Oh, what do you think Michael?"

Michael stammered for an answer, "I... I guess. It is April's first night, but not too late because we will soon tr-"

"MICHAEL!" Niall screamed.

Michael jumped and flicked his wrist, "Oh! Um... Yes. Forget what I was going to say..."

I frowned, "What?"

Micheal gave a half-hearted grin, "No-Nothing. It's nothing, don't worry April. It's nothing con-concerning y-"

"Micheal? Tell me..." I barked.

"Seriously April, don't fret," Niall whispered as his eyes glimmered.

I couldn't resist and I didn't bother snapping back. Niall's eyes were just captivating, but I knew the group was hiding something from me. We all sat down in a circle and began the popular game.

"Ok, April. Truth or Dare?" Reece asked.

"Um... Truth..." I replied.

Kai sighed, "Oh, that's EASY! Choose dare next time!" 

Reece continued, "Ok, most embaressing moment?"

I chuckled, "Once I had fallen asleep on the bus because we had really hard and tiring rehearsals for a school production. My friend wasn't there that day so she couldn't wake me up, so I slept and missed my stop!" I explained while the kids laughed, "I remember waking up at the buses company parking lot with the bus driver standing over me saying 'Wake Up!'. Boy, was I in a lot of trouble. The worst thing was? The bus driver was my crushes dad and my crush told the whole story to the class the next day! It was REALLY embarrassing!"

"Now THAT'S funny," Rena giggled.

"Classic!" cried Micheal.

"Meh... It could happen to anyone really..." Shayna scoffed.

I rolled my eyes to my self and Rena spoke, "Truth Or Dare, April?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Hang on, aren't I supposed to ask Reece?"

"Too bad! Truth OR DARE?" Rena pestered. 

"Oh... Um... Truth!" I replied.

Kai groaned and Rena continued, "Who would you like to date in the house?"

I froze. How the heck do I know? I've only been here for, like, three hours. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE OUT OF NIALL AND REECE?! 

"I... Nobody really..." I stammered.

Shayna glared at me, "But you MUST choose someone. Don't be such a coward, APRIL."

I cleared my throat, "To be honest, I'm not quite sure..."

"You DO know! Just spill it, Oxley. There's gotta be SOME guy your crushing on! Your just a little goodie-goodie, aren't cha? You just think you can barge in here and suddenly be apart of our family? But guess what? It doesn't work like that. As soon as you walked in and gained everyones attention, I didnt like you. Why did you have to be a Hutton, April? I wont EVER call you my sister, EVER. " she snickered.

"Fine!" I snapped at Shayna, "If I had to choose SOMEONE, it would be Niall! Shayna, just leave me alone!"

I stormed out of the room as a storm started to rage in my eyes. Rena and Lily called my name but I ignored them. I heard them stop yelling but I still ran into the bathroom down the hall. I locked myself in and collapsed on the floor. Everyone liked having me around, except for that Shayna. I never liked her, and she never liked me. She was right, why was I a Hutton? Why was I even adopted? Why am I even still living? My parents ditched me, whats the point of life anymore. I jolted the bathroom drawer open and came across a small pocket knife. I started crying and staring at the knife. Had I gone crazy? What the heck was I doing? There was a small knock on the door and I chucked the knife halfway across the room. I didn't care who was at the door, I was going to hug them. I opened the door and swung my arms around the person.. until I found out it was Niall. Niall pulled away and noticed the knife.

He shut the door and dropped to a whisper, "What the fu-" he paused, "What are you doing?" Niall picked up the knife and held it away from me.

"I-" I coughed, my eyes soaked with tears, "I don't know anymore. Niall, I need help. I don't know what to do."

"Well, your not going to kill yourself, that's for sure," Niall warned as he dropped the knife into the drawer, "April, everything is going to be ok. Just take deep breaths. Sure, Shayna can be a real b*tch sometimes but you just got to move on. She won't hold a grudge for long."

"Why doesn't she like me?" I asked.

Niall shrugged, "I don't know. I think I'm supposed to know, but I don't. To be honest, I don't like Shayna hanging around with us boys. But your nice to hang around with April."

I grinned, why was he such a sweetheart? "So, you don't care if I said that if I had to choose who to date, I would choose you?"

Niall shook his head, "Not one bit, I take it as a lovely compliment."

After that dramatic scene, Lily and Michael decided we were off to bed. I was tired, and I think so was everyone else. We all walked in silence until we got to our room. I was happily glad I wasn't sleeping next to Shayna. I hopped into my pajamas and into bed. I cuddled up with my soft rag doll dog, Patch. Shayna tossed and turned and I layed there with my eyes open. I couldnt get to sleep, and I didnt want to. My body was aching and I knew deep inside of me that something was going to happen
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