After her parents mysterious disappearance, April is sent to a children's home. She is soon adopted, and forced to live with complete strangers who have been going through the same thing. April thinks she has absolutely nothing in common with these other outcasts... but maybe they do.


3. Chapter 2: Settling In

It took a while to sink in, but I soon collected my things and pretty much ran to the lobby. What were my new parents like? Are they sweet? Are they strict? Are they COMPLETELY interested in adopting me? A million thoughts ran laps in my brain. As soon as I got to the lobby, both a female and a male stood with Mrs. Perez. I walked up to them and my new parents spun around. The lady had fairly dark, wavy, brown hair, light-hazel eyes, a pale complexion. She looked like a movie star... she was so pretty. The male had spiked-up dark hair, light red-ish eyes and a fair complexion. She had different eyes like me, which was dead cool.

Mrs. Perez nodded, "April, these are your new parents, Mr and Mrs Hutton. Say hello."

I was CLEARLY shy, but I managed to peep a small "Hi..."

Mrs. Perez couldn't stop smiling, "Mr and Mrs Hutton here come from a big family, and they're absolutely willing to adopt you, April."

"Awesome..." I whispered.

Mrs. Hutton grinned, "Don't be shy, we're all friends here. Have you gathered all your things, April?"

I nodded and clutched my suitcase tighter.

Mr. Hutton gave a quick nod, "Good, good. Let's sign the papers and take little April here back to our humble home." 

I shook my head, was I really getting adopted? Was my new life starting  over right this very second?

                            ~* * *~

"April? April, dear. Wake up, love..."

My eyes flickered open to Mrs. Hutton shaking me gently. It took a while for me to register where I was and what was happening. I'd forgotten all about everything when I had entered my dream mode.

"We're here, darling. Would you like to come out and see our home?"

I nodded, barely saying anything. It was at least six o'clock, we had been driving for a while now. I hopped out sluggishly and stared at my surrounding. The new house was technically a huge mansion, but it wasnt creepy and abandoned. Thousands of trees shadowed the whole area, giving an eerie sence to the place. An orange glow peeked through the trunks, indicating that it was getting dark.

Mrs. Hutton shut the car door and Mr. Hutton bent down to speak to me, "Now, we have a few kids in side whom you'll be living with. They will not be related to you, though some will. They're nice, not to worry, but we must all talk with you when we're inside."

I finally spoke clearly, "That's fine."

We shuffled down the gravel walk way to the front door. The three of us climbed the patio and Mrs. Hutton unlocked the door.

"Children! April is home!" she called.

Home? Wouldn't they say I had arrived? I shrugged it off and walked through out the hallway. We turned into the lounge room where all of the kids were gathered. I counted them all, four boys and three girls all about my age. Both a boy and a girl looked slightly older.

"Children, this is April. April, this is Rena, Niall, Micheal, Lily, Shayna, Reece and Kai. Both Rena, Shayna and Micheal are related to you. The others? We are they're legal gardians," Mr. Hutton explained.

Mrs. Hutton beamed, "I'll get dinner ready with Mr. Hutton. How about you lot get to know April?"

"Sure, mum!" Rena grinned.

"Awesome," Kai said.

My new parents ran off and Rena was first to walk up to me. She had shoulder length mouse brown hair, turquoise eyes and a tanned complexion. 

"Hey!" she greeted, "I'm Rena and I'm your roommate!"

It was a bit of a shock, she was a little ambitious. 

"Hi... I'm April," I stammered, inspecting her eyes, "Oh, that's cool. You have different eyes like me or is that just contact lenses?"

Reece, who had dark purple eyes, hissed, "I don't think she knows yet..."

Shayna, who had sky blue eyes and snow white hair, scoffed, "She wouldn't... I bet you she doesn't even know what anything means..."

I cocked my head to one side, "What?"

Michael, whom had Heterochromia (one eye brown and one eye blue) shook his hands, "Don't worry, it doesn't matter...!" He looked like the oldest boy.

I was still confused, but I noticed Niall walking over to me. He had light blonde hair and dazzling light leaf green eyes.

"Ignore them," He smiled, "Hey, I'm Niall."

"April," I held my hand out and Niall accepted it, "Nice accent you got there, is that... Scottish?"

"Nah, it's Irish." he laughed.

I blushed, "Oh, sorry. I'm not very good at my geography... accents... thingys..."

Niall laughed. That was a good sign. He was REALLY cute, and his eyes were... amazing. 

"So, how'd you end up here?" I asked, leaning against an armchair.

"Same like you, parents disappeared..." Niall replied.

I blinked, "Um... how did you know that my parents disappeared?"

Niall bit his lip, "Oh... um... the Hutton Family had heard of your parents before. Oxley, right?"

I nodded.

"Yeah... well aparently they were when they were wee lads, they were best mates, your dad and Mr. Hutton. They got word of it as soon as it happened." Niall kept tight lipped, I didn't know if he was telling the truth.

"Sorry to interupt, but April... do you play?" Kai interrupted, who had light gray eyes. He had noticed my guitar strap which was strapped around my chest.

"A little..." 

Kai pointed over to Reece, "Reecey-boy plays a bit of electric, maybe you should show us what you know!"

"Oh, please do!" Lily pleaded, who had pale pink eyes. She looked also older then I.

I shrugged and got my acoustic out, sitting down on the nearest couch. I checked to see if it was in tune.

"Maybe you might know this one," I said as I strummed, "I thought I saw a man brought to life / He was warm, he came around like he was dignified..."

"Oh my gosh! Yes! I know this... Erm... it's Torn!" Rena cried, coming closer to listen.

"Why, yes!" I exclaimed, "Torn by Natalie Imbruglia!" 

"Wow, your good at singing, April!" Michael commented, leaning closer to listen.

I hushed him, "Wait until I get to the pre-chorus..."

I belted my heart out to one of my favourite songs,

There's nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That's what's going on, nothings fine Im torn

Niall joined in the chorus and we sung together, "You know this song, Niall?"

Niall blushed, "Oh yeah... listened to it a few times..."

Reece had returned (I hadn't even realised he had gone) with his electric guitar, "I'm more of a sort of rock dude. I like Aerosmith, Guns n Roses... people like that..."

"Oh yeah, that's cool," I nodded. Reece was really cute, just like Niall. He was the complete opposite though. Reece had a spiky yet slick, brown side-fringe and attractive dark purple eyes. WHY WERE ALL MY NEW HOUSEMATES SO ATTRACTIVE!!

"So...?" I pestered, "Are you going to sing for us?"

"Sure... you know 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5? I'll sing a bit of that..." Reece announced.

Reece sang. And it was BLOODY BRILLIANT! He had the voice of an angel... but he'd probably prefer that I refer to him as a dark angel. I had to question weather I liked him or not... but was he my match?


I tipped the spaghetti into three large pots. I was beginning to wonder I had enough, considering young April had joined the pack. But should we tell her already? Would she be ready for this?

"What are you wondering about, sweetheart?" my beautiful husband asked.

"I don't think we should tell her..." I sighed.

"About her other-"

"Shh!" I hissed, "She'll hear you! She mightn't have transformed but her senses are still developing!" 

He dropped his smile and nodded, "Sorry... easy to forget. We haven't had a new member in ages."

"I know, just keep it in mind," I whispered, stirring the pot with caution.

"So why do you think we shouldn't tell April?"

I shrugged, "I think she shouldn't know before she transforms later on. She won't trust us at all, and it took us a while to gain Rena's trust again."

Mr. Hutton smiled, "I do know were your heading..."

"And it's not going to be a while until she transforms anyways," I said, "So that will give her a while to settle in."

"Great idea honey, how long till dinner?" 

I grinned, "At least half an hour at the most, sweetie."
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