Nothings more Beautiful than you (completed)

it all started when they met at the park.


9. Chapter 9

Dylan pov.

I can't Believe

Collin did this. I dial a phone number.  

Voice: hello

Me: I'm going to kill you Collin 

Collin: what did i do

Me: why do you have to ruin everything. My girlfriend is in the hospital. You raped on of my best friends how could you.

Collin: about your girlfriend I tried to tell her i wasn't you. And it's your fault for keeping me a serect. How is emely.

Dylan: why would I want to tell them about you your the worst. I hate reminding my self that your my brother. Don't you dare ask about emely. You raped her. And now she has a daughter

Collin: really I got her pregnant. Why didn't see abort the baby.

Dylan: she would never do that. I shod report you to the police for doing that to her.

Collin: really. I told her never to mention what happend that night. 2 years and she deside to tell. What a loser. I should step up to be the girls father. Emely is pretty I wanna add

. Dylan: your not getting near her. And the girl doesn't need you. Your so dead when I tell mom what you did you know Shes a police With that I hung up the Phone. I went back into the room.

Me: has she woken up yet 

Mia: no Emely let's go. Let's let these two have some alone time

Emely: ok 'They both leave.'  

Dylan: kaitlyn please wake up I love you I would never Cheat on you. I'm so sorry I didnt tell you guys about Collin. I didnt want to mention him because he was sent to live my dad here in Paris 2 years ago 'tears run down my  face' please wake up I don't want to lose you. 

Nurse: visiting hours are done you have to leave mister. ' she leaves'  

Dylan: I'll be back tomorrow I love you' leans over and gives her a passionate kiss.'   I was about to stop the kiss when I felt lips move with mine. I open my eyes to see kaitlyn awake  

Kaitlyn: Dylan... I forgive you  

Dylan: YOUR AWAKE. In so sorry..  

Kaitlyn: shhh I heard you. And I forgive you  

Nurse rushes in. "Sir may you please leave. "

Me: I'll be back In the morning I promise.

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